Friday, January 29, 2010

Hi Lo: January 29th


1) We went to a local children's musical group on Saturday, and both John-Paul and Eamon volunteered for and got called up on the stage. They were turned into an alien and an astronaut, respectively. I'm so proud that they are not too shy to do things like this!

J-P is in the purple wig

Eamon always stands like this, with both hands behind his back :)

2) Phil became a Knight of Columbus. He was inducted in a super secret ceremony on Tuesday night. I think they have to make everything top-secret just to get men to be interested!
That's Phil, second from the right....yes, even with his new beard, he is still probably one of the youngest Knights at 29 years old!

3) On Wednesday, I brought all the kids in for a haircut. I have always cut the boys hair myself, but I was feeling tired and wanted to watch a professional do it. They were so good in the salon, after they realized that it wasn't a place just for girls (eeeww, gross!). One of the hairdressers even cut a few bangs for Maggie for free. I always said I wouldn't cut her hair, but it was always in her face. I'm even thinking about giving her a bob until it grows in thicker. What do you think?

4) John-Paul is taking his first Tae Kwon Do class tonight. We decided to give him lessons for his (upcoming) birthday present. He is beyond excited!

5) Old Navy is having a sale this week on their khaki's. And I heart their Women's Perfect Khaki's to wear to work. They are comfy and flattering and come in so many colors. I love them so much, I have even bought them at full-price in the past (which is not like me) but this week they are only $17. Gotta love a bargain :)
6) The biggest news of all is that we had an appraisal done on the house, and everything is falling into place, and we just got approved for the loan. Woot-woot! We should be closing on our very first house next month!


1) We have been very busy this week with meetings and new schedules, so not enough family time for sure.

2) Phil had to call in sick from work yesterday because we had nobody to watch Maggie. This is something I really hate about being a working mom ~ all the juggling around with the kids, and worrying about who can babysit. I'll be thankful when they are all in school, or when we get rich enough so that I can stop working :)

What were your highs and lows this week?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Come visit!

I'll be going to the Boston Catholic Women's Conference next month. Who wants to come along? You can even sleep at my house :)
2010 Women's Conference
The Women's Conference will be on Saturday, February 27, 2010 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston (snow date is 3/6/10). It will be from 9am - 5:30pm and will feature as speakers Patti Mansfield, Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, Leah Darrow, and Sr. Olga of the Eucharist.
The BCWC will also include confession, adoration, Mass with Cardinal Sean O'Malley, and a great opportunity to gather with other Catholic women of faith. Tickets will be $20 ($30 including lunch). Click here to order tickets.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's my First Giveaway!!

Here's what you can win:

1) A Saintly Softie from this etsy shop. Click on the link and look through these wonderful little dolls, and tell me which one you would like! Here's Saint Margaret and Saint Anthony of Padua as examples.


2) This fantastic and adorable apron from Feather Your Nest. Her husband has recently passed away, and she is selling her items for 25% off. I am loving the fact that I can help her out just a little bit by doing this giveaway :)


3) Last but not least, a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts, because I am slightly addicted to their coffee (light with 2 splendas...thank you!) If you don't have a DD's near you, I will substitute a $10 gift card to a store of your choosing :)

OK, so to win, all I need you to do is:
1) Leave me a comment (and tell me which Saintly Softie you would like).
2) If you post about this giveaway on your blog, you can leave me another comment with the link, and you will be entered a second time.
The giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm on February 13, 2010 so that the I can announce the winner on Valentine's Day :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Mayhem

I have 100 followers!! WOW! Because of that, and my 2 year blogaversary coming up on Friday, I will be having a GIVEAWAY. My first ever! Stay tuned :)
I had some bizarre dreams last night. The first was that someone broke into my friend, Jess's house, and she escaped down the secret slide behind her bed. Cuz, you know, everyone has a secret escape route ;) I woke up and made Phil go check the house to make sure nobody was there. I am such a scaredy cat! When I fell back asleep, I dreamed that Phil was filming a movie, and he came home on a break, and I asked him if he had any love scenes. He said he did, but they hadn't filmed them yet because the actress was only 16, and her dad had to be on set. I was so mad and sad that my hubby was going to be kissing a 16 year old. I don't know how Hollywood couples do it! I guess that's why they never last. Note to self: Never eat three helpings of taco salad at night!
Laura has some exciting news over at her blog, check it out!
Click on this link to send an email to your local representatives telling them you oppose the pro-abortion health care legislation. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page that comes up and fill out your information. Save the babies!!
Alright, I think that's all the random thoughts that are floating around inside this crazy head of mine. As Maggie would say "I'm not crazy...I'm cuckoo!"
Happy Monday Everyone!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hi Lo: January 22nd


1) Scott Brown WON!!!!!!

2) We got a great interest rate on our mortgage! Today we are having the appraisal done, so we're very excited everything seems to be falling into place. The closing date is set for February 26th!

3) Got to go on a random date with Phil when a coupon for a free appetizer at one of our favorite restaurants showed up in my email. Love it when that happens!


1) We may have to exchange Maggie in for a 3 year old. She is killing me with her 2 year old temper tantrums lately. Girls are so much more DRAMA!!

(Don't be fooled by that sweet face!)

What are your ups and downs this week?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Top Ten: Happy Marriage Edition

I'm no expert, but here's some great marriage advice I've been given over the years:

1) A Happy Wife is a Happy Life.

2) (And for the husbands) A Happy Spouse is a Happy House. (I made that one up!)

3) A Sibling is the best "gift" you can give your children.

4) Focus on one another's happiness, not your own.

5) Love is a choice, not a feeling. So even if you're not feeling it, choose it.

6) Nobody can hear what you're not saying.

7) Make your spouse and children feel important, cherished, needed and wanted.

8) Have plenty of family outings. Yes, they may cost some money (but many don't), and yes, it may be difficult to go somewhere with everyone in tow, but do it. These times go fast and these memories are priceless.

9) Nobody ever lay on their deathbed wishing they worked more, had less children, and bought more "stuff". Don't fall into those traps.

10) Put God first! Everything else will follow.

What would you add?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Funny Kids, Future Giveaway, and True Love

Kids Say the Darndest Things:

(After getting home from a date with Phil)

Me: Did you guys have fun with the babysitter?

Andrew (5): Yes, but we learned a lot. I don't like learning.

Me: Then how are you going to grow up to be a smart adult?

Andrew: Well, we eat smartfood!

My 2 year blog anniversary is coming up this month, and I want to do a Giveaway. But I have no idea what to give away. It's not like I can make anything crafty. Maybe someone out there with an etsy shop or a crafty side can persuade me to give away one of their items.

Phil and I met ten years ago this month!
Here we are in Rome after dating for about a month (we met during our semester abroad in Austria). I was 20 and Phil was 19 - what was I thinking with those sunglasses?

We met when my roommate, Annie and I were heading out to a "disco" with some friends. We knocked on our friend's door, and Phil and Drew answered (they were Buddy's roommates).

Phil was wearing his pj's and brushing his teeth. I was all dressed up and ready to go live it up. Opposites attract!

After that initial meeting, he kept sitting near class, in the cafe, on the bus, on the train. We became fast friends, and love followed shortly after. I told Annie back when I was merely friends with Phil: "If I don't marry Phil, I'm going to marry someone exactly like him." I just knew he was the perfect one for me!

Ten years in love.....I think that calls for a vacation to Hawaii! Right, honey?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Voting for Life

Today is a big voting day here in Massachusetts. It's a race for the Senate seat left open by Ted Kennedy's death.

We will be voting today for Scott Brown because he is the best pro-life option and he opposes universal health care. His opponent, Martha Coakley is pro-choice, and has run a nasty and mean campaign. She also has said a LOT of stupid things in interviews, such as this:

Coakley was responding to WBSM radio host Ken Pittman as he questioned her on her views about the role of conscience rights for health care workers.

Pittman asked, "Would you pass a health care bill that had [provisions protecting] conscientious objector[s] towards certain procedures including abortion?"

Coakley said she opposed an amendment filed by Republican candidate and state senator Scott Brown in a Massachusetts measure to protect the right of health care workers' not to distribute emergency contraception against their religious beliefs.

PITTMAN: Right, if you are a Catholic, and believe what the Pope teaches that any form of birth control is a sin, uh, you don’t want to do that.

COAKLEY: No, but we have a separation of church and state Ken, let’s be clear.

PITTMAN: Yeah, in the emergency room, you still have your religious freedom.

COAKLEY: [stuttering] The law says that people are allowed to have that. And so then, you can have religious freedom, but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room.


Bill Donohue of the Catholic League expressed shock at Coakley's apparent disregard for religious liberty.

"Conscientious objector rights are essential to religious liberty," Donohue told (LSN) Friday morning. "I don't quite understand how someone - even if someone were an atheist - it's a staple in a free society that people cannot be forced to violate their conscience on something that's morally repugnant. But she doesn't seem to care."

The special election pitting Coakley against Republican Scott Brown in next Tuesday's election has received national attention: the unexpected popularity of the dark horse Republican could jeopardize the future of President Obama's health care bill by robbing Senate Democrats of their filibuster-proof 60 vote majority. Brown has vowed to be the "41st vote" against the health care overhaul, a platform that appears to have attracted rapid support for his candidacy amid widespread public discontent over the bill.

Once considered the easy favorite, Coakley has suffered a dramatic drop in poll numbers this week: a CrossTarget poll Thursday showed Brown ahead by 15.4%, while a Suffolk University Political Research Center published Thursday morning showed Brown ahead by 4%.
Some Massachusetts officials say, however, that even should Brown win the election, the swearing-in process could be delayed for weeks - long enough for the health bill to be pushed through.

So I guess my Catholic brother and brother-in-law, who are both ER doctors should be looking for a new job. Doesn't she realize that so many hospitals are run by Catholics? Around here, most of our hospitals have names like Saint Luke's and Saint Anne's. Nobody should be forced to kill an unborn baby at their place of employment. Whatever happened to free speech and religious freedom?

Please pray that Scott Brown wins this monumental race, not only for the people of MA, but for our nation. It's super close.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Nephew!

Remember my sister-in-law, Kelly, who was due with her first baby on the 15th? Well, she went into labor on her due date, and gave birth to a handsome little boy the next day.
We welcome with love, Thomas "Tommy" Henry Kuzma. Kelly did awesome - no drugs!! And he is a big baby, 8lbs 2 oz.
Look at all that blond hair! His parents both have dark hair, so we were not expecting this - super cute!

Phil and I are thankful to be an Aunt & Uncle for the 21st time, and can not wait to meet him!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shopping with a Purpose

I just heard about a fellow mom blogger, Gina, who unexpectedly lost her husband, who was her high school sweetheart.
I am so saddened about this, and while I will definitely pray for her and her children, there is something else we can do to help.
She had a shop that she is now forced to close, and you can buy her beautiful items at 25% off. I got this cute apron:

You can visit her shop here. Please help, I would love to know that the blogging community would be as helpful if, God forbid, it was me (or you) in Gina's shoes. Thank you!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hi Lo: January 15th

1) Phil has started the first class for his second Master's degree (in Educational Administration this time). I'm so proud of him :)
2) It's going to be a high of 47 degrees here today! Break out the bathing suits and sunscreen!
3) My nephew, William Joseph was baptized on Saturday. I don't have any pictures because I was taking them for my sister. But he looked beautiful in his dress - ha!
4) My sister-in-law, Kelly is due today with her first child! I can't wait to hear whether I have a new nephew or niece!
5) I'm so glad that I can make my boys whole week just by giving them each 50 cents for the snack counter at school :)
1) Had a bad cold from Friday through Wed, right after the kids got over theirs (doesn't it always work that way?)
2) I have another cold sore, it's my second one in 3 weeks. I went to the doctor to get my swine flu vaccination, and he prescribed Valtrex for me. You know, the herpes it was very embarrassing to fill at the pharmacy. And I made Phil pick it up for me ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Top Ten

Our Ten Reasons for Buying the Condo We Currently Rent:

1) We wouldn't have to move (and after having moved 9 times in our marriage - we really don't want to!)

2) The interest rates are low

3) We would qualify for the $8000 first-time homebuyer credit

4) My parents are giving us a great deal (and it would be beneficial for them as well)

5) We just painted it last summer

6) We have been married for almost 8 years and have 4 kids, and think it's a step we sort of missed ;)

7) We wouldn't have to change our address on EVERYTHING (That is so frustrating!)

8) We would have an investment and could take out a line of equity if we ever needed

9) For about $300 more per month, we could be owning instead of renting and getting all the tax benefits that brings.

10) We like our house :)

So the paperwork is being drawn up as we speak....I'll keep you posted!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gratituesday: January 12th

Today I am thankful for our many Priest friends. It is such a blessing to have fun, "normal" relationships with priests. Our kids think that being a priest is cool, and don't even realize that not too many people have priests come hang out at their house every week!
And I also think it's good for priests to get out of the Rectory and into family's homes to relax, eat some home cooked meals and get a sense of what we go through. It's a win-win. So I encourage you all to invite over to dinner your pastor/preacher/priest and really get to know them if you don't already :)

Below is a short video at the Vatican, featuring Maggie's godfather, Fr. Dave (about 24 seconds in). He is in Rome getting his PhD so that he can become a professor at the seminary in Boston. Fr. Dave - you made it to're famous now!!

What are you thankful for today?

Monday, January 11, 2010

On Cry Rooms

So I've been thinking a lot about cry rooms lately, as I've been trying to attend more daily masses with my beautiful, yet talkative 2 year old. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a cry room is a room usually found at the back of the church where you can take a screaming baby but still see and hear the Mass.
And I am all for them...when you have a screaming baby, or sick and whiny child, or a toddler having a temper tantrum, etc.
But, there are some misuses of cry rooms that make me cringe. First of all, I do not like when people with kids just use the cry room so that they don't have to teach their children to sit still and be quiet at Mass. How are these kids going to learn proper Mass behavior, when they are allowed to run around and talk all during Mass? Yes it's difficult to keep your kids perfect during Mass, but they do not have to be perfect. You can give them snacks and books and quiet toys while they learn to whisper and follow the whole sit/stand/kneel/stand/kneel/walk/sit dance ;)
Secondly, I'm really shocked that people choose what church they will attend based on if they have a cry room or not. Really? Is that what your faith means to you...that you'd rather have a weak pastor, or a weak community in your Parish just because they have a cry room? We picked our parish because of the Pastor, and his traditional, straight-forward theology. We had 4 kids within 5 years - and we have no cry room. So we made due - sometimes we use the sacristy to calm a noisy child. Other times, a quick walk to the back of the church does the trick. But picking your church based on the cry room? Well that's like picking your spouse based on the car they drive.
And most importantly, I can not stand it when adults without kids sit in the cry room. Ummmm, are you planning on yelling obnoxiously in the middle of the Consecration? No? Then go sit back in the pews with the rest of the adults. Why do they do this? It's not even because the pews are too full...they arrive early and choose to sit there. I don't get it. Then, when I am in there with a crying baby, they look at me like "Could you please're disturbing me". Hello?!?! It's a cry room!!! That's the purpose!
Phew! Now I feel better after getting that off my chest. Let me hear your thoughts - I have a feeling some of you might disagree ;)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Lo: January 8th

1) A new year = a fresh start. This week, I got back to eating better and keeping up the house after the holidays.
2) I've been increasing my exercise lately. I used to go on long runs a couple days a week but since it's so cold/snowy/icy I've just been doing classes at the gym instead. Well, I don't want to lose my running skills, so I've been adding 2-3 miles of running on the treadmill before an hour long class. The classes are either kickboxing, kettlebell, or cardio/toning. I hope this will get my body into half-marathon shape by March.
3) My newest nephew, William, will be Baptized tomorrow!
4) Kids are over their colds, thanks be to God :)
5) Went to daily Mass three times this week!!
6) Maggie is really impressing me with her letters and numbers. She just turned 2, and can count to 29, knows a bunch of letters by sight, tells me how to spell her name, and is starting to ask what sounds the letters make. Now if only she was this enthusiastic about potty training!
1) Kids had colds earlier in the week. Sick kids = lack of sleep = miserable attitudes = grumpy Mom.
2) Lots of snow and cold weather around here.
3) Back into the early morning school/work routines....vacation is so nice, and too short!
What were your ups and downs of the week?

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday Top Ten

Is it wrong to want a baby just so that I can:
1) Name him or her? (I love thinking of baby names!)
2) Put one of those baby tickers on my blog?
3) See what the baby would look like?
4) Not have to suck in my belly?
5) Have grandchild #20 for my parents?
6) Choose godparents?
7) Get a maternity leave from work?
8) Buy bunkbeds?
9) Smell that sweet warm newborn scent?
10) Give Maggie a sister (but there's no guarantees on that one)?
Maybe I ought to wait until I have some better reasons....