Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Scenes From Thanksgiving Break

Hello from the other side of Thanksgiving!  Remember when Thanksgivings were so sad because we couldn't get together with family and friends, and then this year we could?  And it was awesome.  

Praying grace and giving thanks.

My brother who lives in New Hampshire hosted the meal, and 28 of us were able to attend.  That's just my parents and siblings + spouses and their kids.  One sister couldn't make it so we were down five people there and two of my nephews didn't come as one is in grad school and one went to his girlfriend's family.  JP also wasn't there because he is in Austria until December 4th but we facetimed him while he was *unknowingly* at a big Thanksgiving dinner and dance the school threw for the students.  He's below the arrow, dancing in his Austrian garb:

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Martin Family 2022 Gift List

Every year I try to round up the gifts we purchased and enjoyed to possibly help you check a few items from your holiday shopping list. I hope you find it useful and not just trash.  Happy Shopping!

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Future Artists:



Family Gifts: