Friday, October 29, 2021

7QT: Hosting Teenagers, Santa Lists with Little Boys, and God Really Loves Me

Happy LAST Friday in October!!


Laura Pearl wrote such nice things about me on her blog, and how she likes to check in on my Friday posts, which I typically never miss...and then I had a really busy week and didn't write a Friday post last week.  Whoops!  Laura raised five sons, and all (most?) of them met their wife on Catholic Match which is so cool and proof it can work!  She has a gazillion grandkids, and has been posting about teaching her granddaughters to sew, which makes me wish I could go back in time to being a little girl and learn from her.  She seems so patient and joyful about crafting with kids, something which with the good Lord has not blessed me.  Anyway, check her out :)


One of the reasons I was so busy last week was that Andrew (age 17) was playing his last soccer game of the regular season at the public school right around the corner from our house.  He asked if his team could come over after for a snack and to hang out.  You see, Andrew was a freshman when the pandemic hit, and then was hybrid most of last year, and when you add in social distance rules and masks... we feel like we just don't know his friends the same way we knew JP's friends.  He always hangs out with them at their houses, believing (like all of my teen boys) that our house is not cool because we have lots of littles hanging around.  Ummmm, I think that's exactly what makes our house cool!  But also, I get it.  So when he asked to have his friends over, I was like "YES!!!" and then I suggested an outdoor cookout...and then we invited the families, because they would be at the game too... and then some JV players asked to come with Eamon... and in the end we had about 50 people over for lunch.  We set up tables in our driveway and the rest of the families sat in camping chairs on the other side and served burgers, hot dogs, brats and pulled pork plus sides and drinks and desserts and it ended up being such a great time!

Eamon is #24 and Andrew is behind him in the glasses

Andrew has been playing so well this year (proud mom) and was called out on the school's social media last week for stepping into the role of goalie, which he has never played, when the team's goalie and backup goalie were both injured.  I'm happy he was a great keeper, but glad he's normally a midfielder because those goalie gloves STANK!!!

Friday, October 15, 2021

7QT: Riding a Bike, a Fr. Mike Schmitz Sighting, and A Fake Yeti

 Happy Friday in October that still feels like summer, but I'm not complaining!  Linking up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes :)


I keep forgetting to write about Brendan's big milestone - he can ride a bike!  Right after he turned five, Phil decided to teach him and it took a few days of practice (honestly he was so shaky in the beginning that I thought he was too young) before he could do it on his own.  

Then each day was something new - he learned to brake, he learned how to start pedaling on his own without a push, he rode in circles, etc.  Now he is a crazy daredevil who likes to ride on ramps and perform tricks like lifting up his feet as he goes flying by or putting his feet up on the handlebars. 

 Being a boy mom means walking a fine line between forbidding all the potentially dangerous things and letting them live and learn, growing confident and independent.  Yikes!  This is why I have gray hairs!! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Phil, This Week's Birthday Guy

Mr. Martin Family Moments turned 41 this week!  

His actual birthday was on Monday, but since Andrew had to work a double shift, and Eamon had a soccer game on Monday, we celebrated on Sunday night instead.

I saw this pie on a tv show and had to recreate it.  Coffee Heath Bar Caramel Ice Cream Pie.  Mmmmm, so easy and so good!  I'll make it for you if you come over :)

Friday, October 8, 2021

7QT: A Wheelbarrow, E. Coli, and A New Saint

 Happy Friday of a looooong weekend!  Linking up with Kelly and friends for a look back at the week...


I did something crafty!  I was picking up the million balls in our backyard and saw our rusty old wheelbarrow out of the corner of my eye.  It was tipped over in the back of our yard, behind the swingset.  I went over to move it somehere more hidden, and it was filled with cobwebs and dirt, so I decided to hose it off first.  Once it was cleaned, I thought "This would look cute with a fall display in it!" and texted Phil to pick up some mums on his way home from piano with Xander.  A few minutes later and voila!  

I feel like this tale could be turned into a children's book, "Give Colleen a Messy Backyard".


If any of you have college students, just a reminder that the FAFSA is now available.  

It's a lot easier to complete the second time around, only took me about 20 minutes and a lot of that time was spent figuring out passwords ;)

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Andrew, This Week's Birthday Boy

Our handsome Andrew Pauric turned 17!!  

We celebrated his birthday a day early, so it could coincide with lots of football watching and include Andrew's aunt, Sister Denise, who was visiting us for a short while (too short!).  Andrew also was inducted into the National Honor Society on the same afternoon, and we are so proud of his hard work because he does indeed work hard to get good grades and pushes himself to the best of his ability.  

We realized that the jacket he wore for his Confirmation last year was too small on him, so he had to borrow Phil's suit jacket and it wasn't toooooo big which makes me want to shrink Andrew back down to his four-year-old self.

Don't blink.

Andrew has a nice group of friends from school and is involved as the Junior Class Treasurer, plays Varsity soccer, basketball, and helps out in Campus Ministry and Peer Ministry as well as altar serves at our parish and works at the ice cream store and grocery store.  The kid is busy!


That's better :)

Friday, October 1, 2021

7QT: October, St. Therese, Pajamas, Soccer and the Rosary

 It's Friday and I actually posted two other times this week.  An Autumn Miracle!  Linking up with Kelly and away we go...


It's October 1st!  Wow!  

Today is the feast day of one of my favorite saints, St. Therese "the little flower" who has been known to send a rose or the scent of roses to someone praying to her for an intercession.  When I heard this as a young child, I told St. Therese that I wanted the man I was supposed to marry to bring me one white rose.  I was a romantic girl with dreams of marriage and lots of babies (dreams come true!) and I continued to pray for that "sign" until the day I finally had it answered.  Phil left a white rose and a teddy bear for me to find one day with a note that said it was just because he loved me.  Thanks be to God, because I already loved Phil so much that I was questioning holding out for that white rose!  So thank you St. Therese for answering that little girl's prayer and sending her a saint of a husband.  And a daughter with Rose in her name.


I need to put away my beloved summer pajamas and find a new pair to wear for the fall.  I have some great winter pajamas, but I need an in-between pair.  If they could help me stay asleep for the whole night, then I don't care what they cost :)  Any suggestions?  These look cute and have a lot of good reviews...

Sometimes when I look at clothes, I get confused whether I want the outfit or I want to look like the girl in the outfit.

Wow Colleen, that's like a really deep shallow thought.

I aim to please.