Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Weekly Wrapup

 Long time, no post.  Life's been busy, and after a year of not having too many commitments, even the few activities we are involved in feels like a lot.  The pandemic made me weak.  But I'm working out my taxi driving, logistics planning, calendar keeping muscles and I'll get stronger soon.  Right?

The end of March means financial aid season at work, which is my least favorite season of all.  In order, my seasonal preferences go: Christmas, Fall, Ice Cream, Spring, Winter, Summer, Financial Aid.  So work has kept me busy and cranky and on top of that, I had to go to the dentist twice last week *shudders from post traumatic dental visit* to put a crown on top of my dental implant.  Long 2 hour story short, the crown was not created correctly by the lab, and no amount of resizing worked.  I had to get another impression done (gag, literally) and am now waiting for a new crown.  Hopefully, that one goes in quicker and smoother and I will be the Queen that I was always meant to be ;)

My amazing mother turned 83 last week, and loved hugging her grandkids since she is now fully vaccinated.  I gave her the best caramels from Cape Cod as a gift and listened with delight as she told us in detail everything she ate for the day.  There was ice cream and fried seafood involved, the apple doesn't fall far from the restaurant tree.  The lady loves to enjoy life!

Friday, March 19, 2021

7QT: St. Joseph, St. Patrick, and Gaelic and Garlic Kids

 Happy happy St. Joseph's Day!!  A great feast day in the year of St. Joseph means you better celebrate and eat all the Lenten things you gave up and it's a Meat Friday.  Woohoo!


Do you know that I looooove St. Joseph so much, but I had five boys and named nobody Joseph for either first or middle names?  Mea culpa.  By the time our sixth boy was born, we knew we had to use Joseph and hence our little bundle of joy: Brendan Joseph.

He had to stay home yesterday because he was a close contact in preschool (he tested negative) and he was very excited to help me juice an apple to drink.  "I won't tell the other kids because I don't want to be bragging".

Friday, March 12, 2021

7QT: Giving Individual Attention to Kids in a Big Family

 Happy Friday!  Phil and I talk often about how we can give our kids individual time and speak to them in their love languages and I thought I would try to compile what's worked well so far in this parenting gig.



Once our oldest child was able to babysit, we started taking the kids on one-on-one (sometimes two kids at once) dates.  These don't happen often, maybe once or twice a year per kid, but we try to make a thoughtful choice in what to do with them.  It usually involves eating out or going to an event (ice skating, movie, bowling) and making them feel special.  I know their favorite foods and pick restaurants that serve them or stop by the store for their favorite snacks.  JP’s love language is “buy me the spiciest chips you can find and some fried chicken.  Or better yet, just get me some spicy fried chicken”.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

I Drink a Lot

Don't go spreading any rumors, but I drink a lot.  However, most days, when I fill my water bottle to start my workout around 5 pm, I realize that I haven't had a single sip of plain water all day.  

But Colleen!  Hydration is so important!

I know, I know! I just don't love regular cold water unless I'm sweaty and hot.  Fear not though, because I drink almost continuously throughout the day.  One of my little anxiety triggers is not having a drink with me or nearby (weird, I hear ya) so I pretty much sip and stay calm all day by drinking the following, in order:


This is a new addition for me, discovered upon researching what would help keep the shingles away from me ever again.  Do I believe that celery juice will kill the shingles virus?  I don't know but with the long list of other benefits of this unicorn juice, I am willing to try it.  I drink about 10 ounces a day, made with this juicer that I bought for myself for my birthday from Amazon Warehouse.  I try to drink it first thing and then not eat/drink anything for at least 30 minutes after.

Friday, March 5, 2021

7QT: Football, Vaccines, Taxes, and Summer Plans

 Happy Friday in March!  


For my high school sophomore, it's been football, football, football 24/7.  He's only played flag football in the past because soccer is his fall sport, but we are in a Fall Two season due to Covid and so he gets to play high school football...and it makes me so nervous!  Yikes!  How do you football moms do it?  Drink heavily?  Just kidding, but it does make me very happy to report that he has been practicing as a kicker which was my hope.  It makes sense that a soccer kid would be a good kicker, and for that I am grateful!  Kickers can't get tackled!  I calculated the hours of practice (6 days a week) vs. the hours of school and he spends more time playing football than in academics.  It's a real time commitment, but he totally loves it and I don't see him returning to soccer next fall, even though he's been playing for 12 years. {Insert sad Soccer Mom face}

Monday, March 1, 2021

42 Years Young and 18 Years Old

I am not a cryer.  

Do I tear up at a love song, or a sweet moment in a movie, or when I hear bad news?  Of course!  I'm sensitive, yet I rarely ever all-out cry.  But apparently, the day before your eldest child becomes an adult is a cause for a mom to cry.  Just a warning to you moms of littles ;)  If I'm being honest, every birthday of every child is an excuse for me to reflect on how much they've grown and thank God for the gift of their life.  This 18-year-old birthday just hit me extra hard.  But what a good boy man John-Paul is, so onward and upwards!  (Most photos taken by Andrew, age 16 who loves closeups and weird angles).