Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding

On May 24th, my sister-in-law, Kelly, married T.J. and I have plenty of pictures to prove it...This was taken after the rehearsal, their last night of the single life!
My boys getting ready to drive to the Church
Me and Maggie all dressed up and ready to go
My father-in-law walking Kelly down the aisle, she looks gorgeous!
My first-born son was the Ringbearer, or "ringbarrier" as he called it, and his cousin Maura was the most adorable flower girl
The view from the pew
The wedding party right before they said the vows
Glad he's all done "working"

Andrew at the reception...he danced like crazy!

The first dance

What a beautiful couple!

Mmmm, the cake was yummy. My sister-in-law, Larisa, made it!
Okay, enough of that, it's almost time for your honeymoon!
Eamon loved the cake so much he even licked his plate clean!

How we all felt at the end of the reception because we danced the whole time!

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