Monday, May 5, 2008

What a deal!

On Saturday night, Phil and I decided to order in dinner after the kids went to bed. I had a $5 off coupon for Pizzaria Uno's if we spent $15 or more. So I went online to order (technology nowadays!) and both Phil and I wanted the same thing, a cheeseburger. The total was just about $20 so I placed the order and he left about 15 minutes later to pick it up.

When he arrived at Uno's, they had read the internet order incorrectly and only made one burger. So they looked at the order again, apologized, and started to make the second burger.
In the meantime, the cashier rang him up at the register and only charged him for one burger ($10) due to her mistake. Then he showed her the coupon and she said she would let him use it even though we now hadn't spent the $15 we were supposed to. Phil happily paid $5 for both burgers and continued to wait for the rest of the order to cook.

When the food was ready, the manager came over and apologized again to Phil for the misunderstanding, and handed him a $10 gift certificate for his trouble.

Wow, so we paid $5 for two dinners, and then they paid us $10!! At the end of the night we got paid $5 to eat two free cheeseburgers!

God works in mysterious ways!!

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