Sunday, June 8, 2008

John-Paul's Turn

Friday, June 6th was John-Paul's preschool class celebration. It was just as charming as Andrew's was the night before, but the kids were much more well-behaved.

His class performed a lot of adorable songs and each of the kids played a role. John-Paul was "Mr. M" in the "munching Mouth" Letter People song.

They also showed us all the prayers they learned, pledged allegiance to the flag, recited their school prayer, and the school's mission statement (which has a lot of big words and it was funny to hear how many were mispronounced!) The mission statement is as follows:

Holy Family-Holy Name is a Christ centered academic community instilling Catholic beliefs and gospel values; nurturing students' gifts of faith and intellect by surrounding them with a family of faculty, staff, and volunteers whose vocation it is to serve.

The kids were all very cooperative, and the class had many natural performers, as you can see! Finally, John-Paul received his diploma for a year of hard work, and great memories.

Next year, he'll be off to Kindergarten, and wearing a uniform. Yippee!

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