Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Strawberries Galore

On Thursday June 12th, we went strawberry picking at Keith's Farm. It was a beautiful, sunny day and much cooler than it had been, in the mid-seventies. There were tons of strawberries, and they were oh so good! The people at the farm encouraged us to eat the strawberries as we picked because they are organically grown, so no pesticides to wash off. The boys went to town on these berries, mmmm!!

Phil with Maggie on his back, I think we have a picture of him with a baby on his back whenever we go fruit picking (apples, blueberries or strawberries).

Andrew showing me his "beauty", that's what Gammy was calling all the big, beautiful strawberries!
Here I am kissing Eamon, he's already embarrased with my public displays of affection, but too bad!!

John-Paul proudly displays his bucket of berries.
Andrew and Gammy show off their goods.

Eamon got tired of picking and just plopped himself down and demanded strawberries to eat!

Eamon's hand at the end, stained from all the strawberry juices.

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