Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Slump

In the past, on Sundays, I used to get what I call my "Sunday Slump" feeling. It's the feeling that the weekend is coming to a close, and work/business/scheduled appointments/etc are upon us.

It's funny how weekends seem to take me for an emotional roller coaster, and I LOVE roller coasters!! Friday nights are the best...the promise of a fun-filled weekend with everyone at home, date night with my hubby (usually a movie), and dinner is often take-out.

When Saturday morning rolls around, we realize all of the errands and cleaning that needs to take place. We always plan a family outing as well, and at the end of the day feel as though we've accomplished some great things, and given the kids a fun time.

But Sunday morning is a rush to Holy Mass, then CCD for Phil as I bring the kids home myself. The "Sunday Slump" feeling usually rolls around in the afternoon when I suddenly realize how little time we have left of the weekend.

However, we seem to have found a cure for these "Sunday Slumps", at least during football season. Because every Sunday evening, we have friends and priests over to our house for a football party. We try to have different theme nights (Mexican food, Italian, Chinese, barbecue, etc) and everyone brings a dish. It gives us something to look forward to all day, gets the house clean, and is always a great time.

Now if only football season lasted year round...Go PATRIOTS!! (and REDSKINS, for Phil's sake!)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Colleen! I do have one thing to say though, forget the Patriots and GO STEELERS! ;)

  2. LOL ... I just caught your blog from out on a limb.

    I have the very same feeling with each weekend. Usually by noon on Sunday I start to get this nervous feeling in my stomach. I wonder if i got all that I wanted done for the weeken. I'm also not very fond of beginnings of the week.

    Sounds like you have the perfect way to end your weekend. Hope you had a great night!


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