Saturday, September 20, 2008

Edaville Railroad

Recently, we took the kids to Edaville Railroad. It's a small amusement park with a real train ride that's nice, and has a few carnival-style rides, games and food. The kids LOVED it! We went with my sister "M" and her daughter and stayed for the afternoon.

I took some pictures of rides we went on at the beginning of the day, and then my camera batteries died and I couldn't take any more pictures. We did manage to try to take a Christmas card picture of the whole family, but it was too hard getting everybody to look and smile at the same time.

The last 45 minutes or so, the kids just played on all the swings, slides, see-saws, sandbox, and ran around until they were exhausted.

When we left, it was dinner time and so we stopped at Longhorn's and got our favorite chicken fingers. But it was a busy Saturday night, and we had to wait awhile, so the kids eventually started losing it. We managed to make it out of the restaurant with only 2 of the kids crying and making a scene. Not too bad ;-)

All in all it was a great family day, and one the kids are sure to remember for a long time.

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