Thursday, September 11, 2008

My deep dark secret

Where I live, there is a law that requires I get a vehicle inspection every year. Then I get this little sticker on my car that expires in 12 months, and we have to go through the process again.

My secret is that the sticker on my car has expired...a while back in April.

The reason I haven't gotten a new inspection sticker is three-fold. Wanna know why I am breaking the law? Here goes:

1) I can't find the time. Honestly, my car is the family van, and it's very hard to coordinate a time I can go get the inspection sticker done without having to bring the kids.

2) I think it's a stupid law. It's really just a way for the state and auto mechanics to make money. Because, you see, most times when you bring your car in for an inspection, the auto mechanic finds something that needs to be fixed before you can pay to get the new sticker. What a rip-off! Since I don't think it's a just law, I don't feel morally compelled to follow it. Is that a sin?...hmmm, I'll let Fr. Dave answer that one.

3) It gives me a thrill. Every time I get into the car and see the sticker, I want to see just how long I can hold out before I get the new one. It saves me money to wait (because now the sticker has been used for 17 months instead of only 12), and although I keep telling myself that I will get it done next month, when the next month comes I feel like I can get away with it for 30 more days.

But, I know I will eventually break down and get the inspection sticker soon because although I have valid reasons, I don't want to get pulled over and fined. That would be giving this state more money, which is exactly what I don't want to do.

But maybe I'll just wait one more month...

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  1. LOL! I do the same thing. Last year, our minivan cost over $1000 at inspection time. It was several months late, but I knew we couldn't fork out that much at we waited. And that seems to be habit with us.

    Once, when my son was in public school, I was pulled over in the carpool line for having an expired inspection. That was REALLY


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