Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer Reflections: Eamon

Well, this little man is still trouble, but at least now it's the fun kind of trouble, and not nearly as much of the tantrum kind of trouble. He is just about to turn two, and we're hopeful that it will not be too awful.

Eamon has matured in his speech dramatically over these past few months. Where he used to only say one or two words at a time, he now rambles on and on. He does still have the slight problem of dropping the first sounds of a word, and also mixing up the beginning sounds of two words that go together. Needless to say, it makes for an interesting interpretation of "fire truck" (I'll leave you to your own conclusions on that one).

This boy has no fear, and really enjoyed the trips to the beach and playground we have taken, though I was fearful with every dive underwater. He loves being one of the boys with John-Paul and Andrew, and tells me constantly that Baby Maggie "Daggie" is cute!

Now that school has started, he asks me at least ten times a day where John-Paul and Andrew are. It's sad for him, but it also means he gets to be the big guy in charge, and we can do all the activities he finds fun (like his favorite past-time, dancing to the Wiggles songs).

Eamon, you're still my little devil, but you make me laugh every day, and I love you!

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