Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer Reflections: Maggie Rose

It's now time for the fourth and final installment of this mini series, and the star of the show is...(drum roll please)...Maggie!

As I am typing this, Maggie is sitting on the floor beside me taking all the papers out of my desk shelves, and trying to eat them. She eats anything she can get her hands on, more so than our other kids did, so I am constantly vacuuming the floor. Which is one of my favorite chores since I have this guy and this gal to help me.

But I digress...this is about Maggie. Our sweet little 9 month old who leaves a path of destruction everywhere she crawls. She's still not "normal" crawling, she's commando-crawling, and I don't think she's gonna change her ways because she's super fast, and she can easily go from that position to sitting upright in a heartbeat.

Maggie has had a difficult summer because she's been teething the whole time. And the fruits of her labor are showing; two top teeth and two bottom teeth. She's also had a couple colds which make for sleepless nights around these here parts.

But other than that, she has been a real joy and a wonderful addition to our family. God is good! Maggie was our biggest surprise baby, and also our easiest baby. She loves watching her big brothers run around, and has an unusual attraction to watching them play Wii.

Magsie, you're our beautiful surprise and we couldn't imagine life without you. We love you!

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