Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A BIG equation

What do you get when you take this young bride:

And add this little guy:

Plus another pregnancy:

Plus a third pregnancy:

And finally my fourth pregnancy in 5 years:

You get this:

(A happy but chubby mommy)

So, I'm on a mission to lose weight healthfully (is that a word?). I just want to change my diet and eat healthy since I already work out a lot. Feel free to leave me any advice on tips and tricks that work for you. Thanks!


  1. You look great! (And who made you be a bridesmaid when you were 9 months pregnant? They owe you big time!)
    I feel the same way but I DON'T workout. #5 really did my body in. I feel and look like an old lady. If you find some motivation send it my way!

  2. First: you look Beautiful!!! Being a mom changes our bodies as well it should, and you look fantastic.

    Of course all of us can use help in the healthy living/eating dept, right? I LOVE the book "Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell After Pregnancy." The author writes a very knowledgeable and logical explanation for the stubbornness we see hiding in our tummies and thighs after having a baby (whether 1 or 8) and the way to approach weight loss with a MOM BODY. I love it. She uses humorous analogies and hard-work tactics from eating right to the real secret to exercise.

    Of course I read the book at 6 months post-partum and at 8 mos I was pregnant again. I'm on that upward direction again :)

    Good Luck!

  3. Thanks Sarah & Kate for the encouraging words. I know I need to accept my "mom body" but I feel so much better when I am about 10 pounds lighter.

    I'm definitely gonna get the book you recomended, Kate...Thanks!

    Sarah, yeah, I gave birth 9 days after my sister's wedding. I was the matron-of-honor and as big as a house! But, to be fair, my sister did ask me BEFORE I got pregnant, and I did not want to miss out!


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