Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew turns 4 years old today! He is so excited about this birthday because it's his golden birthday. What, you don't know what a golden birthday is? It's when your birthday age is the same number as your birthday date. So, today Andrew turns 4 on October 4th...get it?

This morning, Phil made him his favorite breakfast: scrambled eggs and "french fry potatoes" or as normal people call then, hashbrowns.

Right now he is out at Toys R' Us picking out a birthday present. We got him a toy to open later, but I really didn't know what to get him this year, so we let him go pick something out at the store, which he thought was really cool!

This afternoon, we will be going apple picking with some friends and family, and then head back to our house for dinner (pizza, his choice) and cake (a blue Power Rangers cake).

So my handsome, sweet, brave, yet emotional, always-ready-with-a-compliment Andrew, Happy Birthday honey! We love you so much!


  1. Just catching up on my "blogging". I was excited about Andrew birthday today and when we all sang to him in class, he looked SO modest and shy it was the cutest thing. He is SO fantastic and such a good listener, kind, warm hearted, I don't know what I'm gonna do without him next year, (sigh), even teachers get melancholic when their kids grow up!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew!
    Love the cake!


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