Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kid Talk

Yesterday, both John-Paul and Andrew cracked me up with what they had to say. So here goes;

John-Paul: (showing me a sentence he had written that said "I am a little boy") See my sentence, Mommy? I used popcorn words.

Me: What are 'popcorn words'?

John-Paul: They are little words that help make a sentence, you know, like 'I, am, a, the'.

Me: Wow, John-Paul, you are learning things in school that Mommy never learned before.

John-Paul: Well, that's because my teachers go to teacher school and learn new things to teach us.

Wow, that made me feel old!

And now for Andrew;

Andrew: (coming up to me and picking his nose, then licking his finger, then touching his lips) Mommy, do you know how to make chapstick?

Me: No, how?

Andrew: You put boogies and water together and you get chapstick.

Eeeewwww, boys are so gross!

Here's your devotional for today.

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  1. your Andrew sounds like my Dominic...

    ttn is code my wife and i use for means (i type this while blushing). Tonights the Night


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