Friday, October 24, 2008

God must have a sense of humor

At bedtime, we ask the boys individually who or what they would like to pray for. Here's last night's responses:

John-Paul: I would like to pray for all the people who have no food.

Andrew: I'm gonna pray for Gammy and Grandpa.

Eamon: Me pray for...ummmmmmmm....ummmmmm...At-ban (Batman), Veggie Tales and da Wiggles.

At which point the older boys crack up.

I would love to say this is not the typical prayer request from Eamon, but it usually is. He always pauses like he's going to pray for something really important, and then comes out with a superhero or cartoon character.

I guess there's one in every family :-)

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  1. Hi! This was super-cute...and who knows, maybe superheroes need prayers too:-)


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