Friday, November 7, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Even before I became a mother, I knew I wanted my kids to be able to swim, and swim well. This is partly because I am not a great swimmer, and mostly because we live near the beach.

I want to be able to take all the kids to the beach on hot summer day and {relax in my beach chair}, um, I mean relax knowing they are competent in the water.

Last night, I took John-Paul and Andrew to swim lessons at the YMCA.

They. were. super. excited. (to say the least)

Andrew thinks swimming is the funniest thing ever, he just laughed through the whole lesson. He won't put his face in the water, but he's trying to learn the strokes.

John-Paul takes his lessons very seriously. He has no fear of the water, loves to jump in and swim underwater, but is a little less-coordinated.

I'm thinking that by the time it is summer, they'll be ready for the beach. And I'll be ready for that beach chair...

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  1. You are so lucky to live near the water! We are landlocked here in Nebraska and although my husband and I have each seen the ocean, our children haven't yet. I can't wait to show them someday!


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