Wednesday, December 10, 2008

See ya later...

Phil and I will be leaving in the morning to drive to his best friend's wedding. Well, actually, he says I am his best friend, but this is his best friend since childhood. He will be the best man and we will work on his speech during the long car ride.

This should be our "second honeymoon" as we are leaving all of the kiddos with my Mom & Dad, but alas God has a sense of humor and timed my cycle so that we will be getting a lot of sleep, only sleep. ;-)

The wedding is at night, and kids were not invited. I am nervous to leave the kids, because 4 kids aged 5 and under is a lot for anyone to handle. They are very good kids, but Maggie still wakes up at night, and Eamon likes to get up around 5:30 each morning. My parents will be earning their place in Heaven!!

Anyway, no blogging for a while, but I should be back with stories and pictures to share. See you later, I'm outta here!


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