Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today I am thankful for friends.

I am thankful for all of the people who called and texted and emailed asking how we were all doing while Maggie was in the hospital. I am thankful for those friends that came to visit her in the hospital and made our stay much less lonely. I am thankful for my "blog friends" and "facebook friends" who commented with sympathy and empathy. I am thankful for my siblings (also my friends) who picked up kids to bring to school, watched kids during appointments, and stayed at the house so we could be at the hospital. I am thankful for our friends who live downstairs who took the monitors and made sure the boys stayed asleep while Phil and I relieved each other at the hospital.

For all of you, I am eternally grateful. Thank You!


  1. How is that sweet baby doing?

  2. Thanks for asking, Sarah. She's soooo much better, almost perfect! We went to the doctor today and she's still wheezing a little so we have to give her a steroid to inhale for the next three weeks. Then we'll see how she's doing again.

  3. Hi Colleen. It is great to meet another Catholic home schooling family. I am sorry your daughter hasn't been well. I will pray for her.



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