Friday, February 27, 2009

High Five Friday

Here are five stories/thoughts/jokes from the week:

1) Snuggies are all the rage, and I admit that if I got one I would use it, but aren't they really just backwards robes?

2) Yesterday I went running by the beach, and all of a sudden, all these teenage boys started sprinting past me. Turns out I was running at the same time as the high school track team. They were all young and speedy, so it was great for my ego ;)

3) I heard this joke on the radio today...

"Denny's is offering a new breakfast dish called the 'Octoplet Slam'. It's 14 eggs, no sausage, and everybody else pays for it."


4) We got a fish for John-Paul's birthday. It's a yellow beta fish, and he named him "Mr. Buzz Lion Fish"

I'm just wodering how long his fish, ummm I mean fascination, will last!

5) I have a question about Lent. I gave up sweets, junk food and alcohol, except for Sundays of course!!
But my dilemma is this: do granola bars and sugar free pudding count as sweets?


  1. granola bars-no
    sugar free pudding-yes

  2. I gave up desserts and alcohol for Lent, but decided at the outset that that would not include Hot Cocoa or sugar-free yoghurt. I think it depends on whether or not you consider it a real treat, or sustenance for the day.

  3. I was talking to Theresa H about this one and here's the thing... if someone were coming for dessert would you offer them granola bars or sugar free pudding??? (Don't think you'd be recieving much company). It's all up to you and how much you're willing to sacrifice, but that's just my little "food for thought"... oh... and as for the first thing about the snuggies... tell me when you see the family wearing the red ones do you not think "CULT!" ???


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