Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can anybody help me...

...get rid of a certain pet fish
(and make it look like an accident)?
I seriously thought Mr. Buzz Lion Fish was going to bite the dust the day we brought him home. How long do beta fish last anyway???


  1. Mmmmm, that's a tough one. My in-laws had one of those that lasted a year or more.

    Good luck :-)


  2. Drop him in our fish tank. That should do the trick in no time! ;0)

  3. LOL! Ours lasted about 18 months. And when I suggested we flush the dead fish, my son (the fish owner) was appalled! We had to bury it in the apple orchard next to our house...and he had to say a prayer thanking God for the "best pet ever."

    I can't "get rid" of fish. I just feel too guilty. I have a tank full of guppies from a Kindergarten teacher's classroom because she was just going to flush them alive. I'm waiting until the weather breaks and I'm dumping those suckers in the creek behind our

  4. haha! Are you serious!? That's pretty funny considering a fish doesn't require much as far as pets go! :o) Do you REALLY want to get rid of him? If you do, I know exactly how to accidently kill a fish. (I had lots of pet fish growing up, and sad to say, I killed a lot of them by accident!) But I feel too cruel to type it here!!! So email me, if you are serious! :o)

  5. Colleen, I told you scooter lived for like 3 years!! If Mr. BuzzLion Flying fish (or whatever his name is) needs to take a vacation I might be able to arrange some lodging for him....


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