Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I can't believe it, but today is April 14th.

And the ticker does say only one day of tax season left.

So I am thankful that I made it through.

And I am thankful that my kids have not complained too much.

Most of all, I'm super thankful to go on vacation next week!!
It should be a fun car ride...
The kids are excited to swim,
and to feed deer!

Phil and I are excited to spend family time together, not work, and eat naughty vacation food :)


  1. Have a wonderful holiday.... Sounds like you have been very busy and are looking forward to the break - Enjoy!

  2. YUM YUM YUM for the naughty vacation food.

  3. Have fun on your vacation. We have spring break next week, too! I hope the weather is nice for you and for me. Have a safe trip, you deserve it. Happy Easter

  4. A vacation sounds like just what you deserve!

  5. Tax day, hooray!! After today, life should get much easier for you. Glad to hear you are taking a vacation. That should be lots of family fun. Have a great time and eat lots of that vacation food! :) My husband is an assesor and is getting his fill at this time of year as well, he's got an important mtg. next week and he wants us all just to take a vacation the next day and get away somewhere...we'll see. Any way, blessings on you today!!

  6. Thanks for popping by my new blog! It looks like you are going to have a lovely and well deserved vacation with your family! Enjoy!

  7. You made it!!! Have an awesome time!


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