Monday, June 1, 2009

"My name is Colleen, and I am an Exercise-aholic"

It's no secret that I LOVE to exercise.

I have been active my whole life for as long as I can remember. I have always played sports in school, ran in the off-seasons, joined gyms whenever I could afford to, etc.

Currently I am exercising about an hour every day, whether it be a kickboxing or toning class at the gym, or running outside. Now the problem is that I feel like I am at a standstill. In order to change my body, I think I need to increase the amount of time I exercise (maybe to 90 minutes a day?).

I am suffering from the curse of long-distance runners which is once you start running long miles at a time, even a 5 mile run seems too short. I feel guilty/lazy if I don't run more than that. It's kinda crazy actually, maybe I should go to therapy for it ;)

Being a wife and mom to my four babies leaves me little time to get everything done as it is. Right now, I go to the gym when they are in bed (or close to it) and on the weekends Phil and I take turns exercising in the morning or during nap time. But finding the time to add another half hour would be very hard. At what point do you sacrifice time from your children/spouse just to get more in shape? And why am I so addicted to exercise anyway? It's not like I want to wear a bikini (Lord have mercy!) or start weight competitions.

So what's the solution? If anyone has some good advice, I would love to hear it. I need to find a happy balance because right now I either feel like I am doing too much or too little.


  1. I bet you could work out for hours a day and still feel there was something about your body you would want to change... The fact is you already look amazing!! There is nothing you need to change. I am so proud of how healthy/in shape you are. You don't need to increase anything, except the time you spend with me ;)

  2. I don't have advice..I want some..How does one become addicted to exercise. I prefer chocolate. LOL

  3. Weights. I ran like you for a long time, did a triatholon even, never saw a change. Then I stopped doing aerobic exercise (I know, but I had to make a choice...I couldn't do both time-wise) and started just lifting weights (the cheap ones you can get at Target). I followed some magazine top 10 free weight exercise thingy..and did tons of sit ups on the exercise ball...and I could eat like a horse, and all my clothes were big on me...I lost a whole size and my stomach was FLAT. Didn't change what I ate at all. I alternated legs and arms and did my stomach every day. I still got that mood boost you get with running too. It gave me so much energy.
    Now, I have to get back to that routine!

  4. Wow..i've nothing to give you advice on..since I loathe exercsing..good for you.

  5. I do not enjoy exercising at all. I do it merely for my heart and that is is. :)
    I also prefer food to movement!!!
    Good luck, Suz

  6. I agree with Sara - from what I've heard anyway. It's what I'm trying to do right now. Well more of a combo of cardio and lifting. I've heard that it's more important to strengthen and tone your muscles because the more you have the more calories you burn - so bye bye unwanted bulges and hello toned flat body. You should "wake up" your body with about 5 min of cardio and then hit the weights - or machines (as I call them) if you are at the gym - then go back to cardio for like 30min. You will burn more calories doing your bulk cardio AFTER you lifted because more of your muscles will be moving.

    I hope I'm right with what I wrote! I'll stick to it and let you know!

    P.S. Phil, what a stand up hub you are :o) His opinion counts the most Colleen! You are perfect!!

  7. Ditto what ModernMom said; send some of that exercise-ism over here! ;)

  8. Good for you Colleen. It's so great that you take the time to do something that you love.

    I, on the other hand, have to force my complaining body to exercise, but I DO feel much better after I have done it.


  9. Aw, your hubby is so sweet. Listen to him. :)

    You are in good health. You are active and have energy. If you can't find additional time to exercise as you devote your time to your children and husband, then my advice would be to pray that God gives you peace with that. Your situation will change drastically in just a few short years when your children are older and can do so much more for themselves. For now, enjoy the time you have with them. :)

    God bless you,

  10. I would alternate cardio with lifting. I lift about twice a week and do cardio other days. I think that would change your body shape with still keeping you getting the cardio advantages. I lift cardio- style as well. Switching off between muscle groups with little rest in between. I can lift chest, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders (at least three sets of each muscle group) in under a half hour. YOu just have to make the investment for the weights and bench but then you can do it at home whenever you want/ can with the kids schedule.


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