Monday, July 27, 2009

No more Fr. Andrew?

It's a sad day when your 4 year old decides he no longer wants to become a Priest when he grows up, but a magician instead. The saddest part is that he can't even pronounce "magician", he calls it a "magic-can"!!

Ever since Andrew could understand the question of What do you want to be when you grow up?, he has always responded "I'm gonna be a Priest...Fr. Andrew."

We never told him to say that, he has just been so blessed with many of our Priest-friends coming over to our house and being a wonderful example.

We keep reminding him that a Priest is just like a magician because they can turn the bread and wine into Jesus' Body and Blood. But he says he wants to do different tricks ~ C'mon, nothing is cooler than Transubstantiation!

I guess I should relax a little....we probably have quite a few years of career indecisiveness ahead of us ;)


  1. Very funny. Magic-can!!
    One of my girls had a friend that for years told everyone she wanted to be an ELF when she grew are great.

  2. Ha! Magic-can! I love it! Yep. I bet you have a few more years to go before he make a definite plan.

  3. Haha! When we were little, my sister said she wanted to be a magician when she grew up. She went for marine biology instead. So I'd say you probably don't have to worry too much about him becoming a magician ;)

    The picture is so cute though!

  4. I wanted to be a lawyer when I was younger - somehow SAHM of four never entered that picture (and I ended up in accounting anyway!)and - got your comment, wouldn't it be great to be blogging/jogging neighbors? THAT would be fun. Just got caught up on all your posts, my wisdom teeth looked JUST like that (sideways, that is - not the earrings) - I was glad to see them go. Hope you're feeling better!

  5. You know you are blessed with a sweet little boy, no matter what he does with his future, God will be the master of it!


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