Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gratituesday: August 25th

Today I am thankful for Half Birthdays!
John-Paul is 6 1/2 today, and I am 30 1/2.

I used to love my half birthday as a kid, not really sure why?!?! John-Paul asked if he could have half a cake, and then realized that I could have half a cake too, so we could make a WHOLE cake. But I refused (I know, I'm such a mean Mom) because I don't want to go down that road only to forget everyone else's half birthday ~ once a year is enough!
I am also thankful for the boy's track program that just finished up last week. It was fun, well-run, and my kids learned a lot. Some of my siblings and their kids joined as well, so we got to hang out with family and friends from school.
During the meets, J-P won first place a couple of times in the sprinting races (he's FAST) and Andrew won second place a few times in his relay race and obstacle course. Eamon took home a lot of Honorable Mentions :)
They got ribbons at the track meets and trophys at the end of the season...and c'mon when you're a little boy, what could be cooler???
Here's some pictures from their season: John-Paul won first place hula-hooping for the boys and had to face off with the top ranked girl who was awesome! She could've gone all day!

Cousin Bridget

We got our exercise chasing after this one!

Maggie with Aunt Maura (expecting her third baby)

Maggie sitting still for once

Cousin Tommy sitting on the left

Andrew with his favorite coach (I think the feeling was mutual)

Uncle Adam helping Eamon

They had some fun relays the last week

Mr. Serious getting the job done

Stretching is very important!

Maggie gets in on the action

John-Paul takes the lead

Eamon takes the caboose

Go Andrew, go!
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Absolutely the most fun ever!!!! This was tremendous!!! Thank you for sharing! Have a grand 30 1/2 birthday! Cathy

  2. ahhh, great pictures. You can see the kids had a blast.
    I am with you on the no 1/2 cake for 1/2 birthdays...that is opening a can of worms.

  3. what a cutie maggie is... and yep! i totally remember half birthdays... when i was a kid i always thought they were super cool!

  4. Next year I'm going tp start having Faustyna's party on her half birthday. Since her b-day is Dec. 30 she feels left out, all our other b-days are between March 26th and Sept. 1.

    Andrew looks like a natural on the track!

    Today I'm thankful for my husband who has put up with me for 7 years of marriage!

  5. Love the action shots! Yes, I took the exam back in the "old days" on paper. It was awful! I'm sure you'll do great!

  6. Looks like they follow in their running mother's footsteps!

  7. As always these are heart-warming great pictures.


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