Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Extreme Makeover: October 7th

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I joined Weight Watchers last week, and want to try and post about my successes/failures weekly. So I decided to join in on Amber's Extreme Makeover: Me Edition.

Anyone else on Weight Watchers? Feel free to join me!!

This being my first week (actually this is only my third day), it is hard to adjust. It's taking time and energy to really figure out the points of everything and cook in smaller portions. I am hungry all the time, but hope my body gets used to it.

Their online point tracker is very cool, so I enjoy logging in everything I eat each day. I also LOVE putting in my exercise for the day to see how many extra points I get for the week.

Phil has joined me on this journey, and it doesn't seem too hard for him since he can eat 35 points in one day, while I am stuck with a measly 21. Hmmmph, not fair!

We haven't hit any obstacles yet, such as going out to eat, attending a wedding or similar event. I know those are going to knock us off kilter a bit.

Next week I'll post the results of my first weigh-in. Hope it's good :)


  1. Good luck on your "journey".
    I have had success with the Light Weigh Program in the could look into it even as a supplement to WW. It is a Roman Catholic Spiritual Growth weight loss program. There is a lot of St Thomas Aquinas and St Therese in there...little things offered up... It makes it easier to stick with the program :)
    Blessings to you all, E

  2. There's an award for you on my blog.

  3. You go, girl. I'm struggling along with WW, falling off the wagon periodically (those trips and parties kill me), but not giving up.
    Love, Mom Martin

  4. Good luck! I have heard lots of great things about WW and I'm sure your experience wont be any different!
    As for me, I am set out on an extreme makeover too! Well, loosing this baby weight (thanks Darby and the 2 other heaven babies!). I've been doing the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels, pretty much cutting out carbs (yikes!) and eating lots of veggies, fruit and lean protiens! Hopefully it works. While Darby is deffinitley worth the extra poundage, I am ready to get back to my pre-pregnancies weight again.
    Of course, once I'm there I will probably start all over again :o)


  5. If you are hungry all the time, do what I do and chew on gum. It keeps my mouth busy so I'm not munching for snack foods we keep in the house. I like Trident because it is good for your teeth and it has the minty flavor so after chewing, you don't want to grab say orange juice. =)

  6. That is so awesome that you've joined WW. I ♥ Weight Watchers. I wish I could do it now, but no bueno while you're pregnant. They turn you around & push you out the door. lol.

    I'll be following along, and can't wait to hear about your progress. It is an adjustment at first, but you will adjust. You'll do great!

  7. Good luck with this, although I have not seen a need for either of you to limit yourself. :) But I suppose with the economy the way it is, weight watchers did not have the heart to turn you away.
    I don't think it is fair that he gets to eat more either. NO FAIR. Boys always get off easy.
    Take care, Suz

  8. Hey Coleen this is so funny...I was checking out the weight watches website just this week! I joined it a long time, and lost a ton of weight! So good luck stick to it it really does work! Hey you know what I might actually join you in your challenge....

  9. go you! diets are not always fun... but something i've realized is that if spouses are willing to give it a go together... it makes it so much easier.. at our house we've been trying to do better (both of us) and so far i've lost 15 lbs... which may not sounds like a lot.. but without hubby doing this with me.. i know it most likely wouldn't even be that!!!

  10. Keep it up and you will be so glad you did! And the great thing about WW is as long as you really do follow their guidelines it is so easy and you will lose weight! Make sure you eat ALL your pts! it's so important not to eat less! I can remember drinking a glass of milk late in the evening just to get all mine. drink the 8 glasses of water and get the 2 tblspoons of good fat (olive, canola oil, avocado) I found that it was easiest to get that by using vinegar and oil on my salad (which is all I use now.)

    I run 4 days a week. Sunday is my long run and right now I'm training for a 1/2 marathon so each week it is going up (before the 1/2 training I only ran 3 days). This sunday it will be 10 miles. On Mondays I run 3 since I ran so many the day before. Wednesdays is my medium run and I run 5 but that is about to bump up to 6. and Friday I run 4. Right now I'm running right around 20 miles a week and it's going up each week. and the long run really isn't as hard as you would think since I've really trained good and hard and built up to it. I do yoga which really helps with the soreness and my flexibility. and I lift lighter weights with high reps (a show on Fit TV) to get toned up about 3 times a week and that really seems to help with my strength when I start to get tired on the long runs. I also do 20-30 minutes of abs 2-3 times a week because a lot of your strength when you get tired on runs comes from your core (it keeps you from slouching and rounding your shoulders). I also try to do some other form of cardio once sometimes twice a week like step aerobics or circuit training. Including the running I usually do about 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 hours of exercise a day (I wake up early to get it in before my kiddos get up- 5:00-5:15ish). and I do absolutely nothing on Saturday! I would say all the other things are what have made this go around with running much smoother. hope this helped...let me know if I can help with anything else. I'll try to remember to post the site I got my 1/2 training program from on my blog. bye! and keep up the good work!

    Oh yeah...I say if you do have something you have to go to where they are serving yummy bad food for you- eat it and enjoy yourself, but the key is to make sure you jump right back on the horse right when you get home! I go eat a sonic blast about once a week just to keep me going! When I'm not depriving myself it's easier for me to stay the course!

  11. This is exciting! I joined Weight Watchers in April. Through WW and exercise, I've lost 53 pounds so far. :)

    It takes time to figure out the points at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. And e-tools seems to have the answer to most questions.

    Be sure to eat filling foods (the green diamond ones that are high in fiber.) It took me a few weeks to figure that out, but now I'm full all the time. :)

    It's a big adjustment, but it will work. Take it one day at a time, and I look forward to seeing how well you do this week!

  12. I've never done WW, but I've heard that it can be great. I love food way too much to try to cut any out ;) Good luck to you!!!

  13. Don't forget that I'm doing it too!!!

  14. Funny thing that, I did WW about 6 years ago and lost loads of weight. I have rejoined twice since then and given up. In September I tried it again but without joining and that didn't work so I have now joined again and go with my 2 bosses. This is my first week. Since 4 September I have also been going to gym at 5AM for 3/4/5 times a week. So hopefully by Christmas I'll be skinny!!!!! Bye for now Yvette

  15. Hi,I'm doing the makeover too, and just thought I'd visit everyone else. I never did weight watchers, ok I've never been on a diet, but my neighbours did and were very successful. Good Luck.


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