Friday, October 16, 2009

Hi Lo: October 16th


1) It was Phil's birthday on Sunday, and I got him this snazzy vest:

and we went out on a date to The Melting Pot (photo credit belongs to 6-year old, John-Paul):

and then had a group of friends over for some cheesecake (provided by the wonderful Laura) and board games. He got some great books, the latest season of The Office on DVD, an electric kettle, and a subscription to Sports Illustrated (no swimsuit edition!). The kids got him some Redskins shirts (for them to wear) which he loved. He said it was an awesome birthday, so mission accomplished!

2) On Columbus Day, we went pumpkin picking at a local farm, and on a hayride which was a lot of fun! Have I mentioned before how much I love fall??

3) This video made me sooooo happy, I just had to share it:


1) The Patriots lost last weekend :(

2) I think I sprained my ring finger. My knuckle is all swollen and I can't move it without a lot of pain. I taped it next to my ring finger, so now it looks like I am making a "W" sign all the time.

3) So as I was running on the bike path on Wed. afternoon, there were news vans and people all around with video cameras. They asked me to stop and talk, but I declined because I was trying to finish my last run before the race this weekend.

Turns out, they were all there because there was an attempted abduction of a woman on that same bike path that same day!! A man came onto the bike path and grabbed her, pushed her down to the ground, and dragged her into the woods. She fought free and used her cell phone to call 911.

The guy actually turned himself in later that night after a manhunt turned up nothing. He is being charged with attempted abduction, with intent to rape. So scary!! This happened so close to my house, where I walk and run all the time. And it happened around noon - in broad daylight!!

At least I've learned not to run there alone anymore. I didn't even have my cell phone with me, thank God it had happened 4 hours could've been me, but with very different results.

What are your highs and lows this week?


  1. Well, if you two aren't just a dazzling couple! You look so cute all ready to go out. Sounds like you had a great time celebrating Phil's bday.
    Hope your finger heals and gets better. Sounds painful.
    Your angel must have been working double-time to keep you from getting to your run too early. That is a little scary. And in broad daylight!! Hopefully there isn't any type of repeat of this.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Colleen, phew, glad nothing bad happened to you on the bike path. I think that path is totally sketch and you should never go back there without Phil! Good luck on Sunday! and be sure to send us a picture of you and phil so we can give a shout out to another running couple on our blog :-) Our blog is still so blah, we gotta learn how to make it fancy like yours! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. Scary, scary story about the jogger. That has happened a couple of times on our bike paths. It totally destroys the notion that I could ever go jogging by myself, especially at night when I actually have time. And our city has a LOW crime rate!

    Happy birthday, Phil!

    Loved the video. That made me laugh!

  4. Thank goodness everything turned out alright. Now you'll know to be extra cautious while running, that's just scary!

    *I LOVE that video too. A friend sent it to me several months ago, and I kept it so the girls could watch it. What a cutie!

  5. John Paul is an awesome photographer!!! You guys looks so happy and cute together!

    The abduction chance is very scary Colleen. You should try to NOT be alone...I worry about these things all the time. And yes, we should always have a cell phone or at least a loud loud whistle on us. That is the Mama in me. :)

    My hi's: It is Friday.
    my lo's: I have a funeral to attend tonight. My 2nd one this week. NOT fun.
    Have a nice weekend with your family.
    Oh, I love Fall too...we might get a cold front this weekend. But that only means less humidity and it will drop to about a high of 75!!!! It shall be perfect.

  6. Oh and yes, we are all born that way....blah blah blah. :)

  7. That is scary! There was a similar thing that happened in my area over the summer. It really made me scared to run my trail. So I have been doing the elliptical machine. They never caught the guy here.

    Happy birthday to your hubby. Cute vest!


  8. that video was stinkin' funny! She just kept going!

    sounds like the b-day was a hit! Have a great weekend!

  9. in that pic... you guys make some a wonderful and cute couple!

    btw- nope... no babies for me yet... that is funny though that my post title made you think that! when i am having some babies i'll let ya'll know, lol

  10. Love the photos, you guys look great! Happy belated Birthday to Phil!!!

    That's where you can find my entry this week!
    Glad you guys had such a great celebration for your dear husband!
    Happy Birthday Phil!
    Thank the Lord you were not harmed on that path Colleen...and PRAISE HIS ANGELS for helping the poor woman who was!!!
    I must run right now...but can't wait to come back later and read Phil's ponderings!!!

  12. Seriously no swimsuit edition? That has to be Jonah's favorite month!! We moved once during that time and he was all concerned that he wouldn't get it. Sounds like you guys had fun at the melting pot. I love that place!!!

  13. Wow, very scary. I'm certain that with 4 babies though you could take on anybody. I'm glad I live on an Airforce Base. I call it our gated community, only with guns. Haha! =)

  14. SCARY Lo, there. :(

    As for the Hi's, that video is the best! :)


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