Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WWW: Week Seven

The Good

Exercise for the week:

Ran - 14.5 miles

Kickboxing - 3 hours

Cardio Kettlebell Class - 1 hour

Walked - 1 mile

The Bad

Didn't write down my points, just kept a tally in my head.

Cheated a bunch of times, I can't even remember specifics, except it definitely involved some cookies and ice cream!

The Results:

Lost 1.2 pounds

Total Lost is 10.6 pounds!

About 6 more pounds to go :)

I am quitting WW as of Nov. 28th so that I don't have to pay another month of membership.

I do love WW, and these two months have been great and taught me a lot about portion control.

Although I can't afford to keep going to meetings, I hope to stay on the plan for a while, on my own :)


  1. Mmm.. cheating with cookies and ice cream.. i like it!!!!

    have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

  2. Congrats on total weight lost! Man, you're active. I couldn't run that much if I had to!

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations! And yes, I will definitely adopt you into the fam :) I think we're the same age :)

  4. Colleen - I am SO impressed! Congratulations! Here we are closing out the year and I'm right back where I started, weight-wise. (Sigh) Hoping to get some running in soon...

    have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Good for you...I think that little bit of cheating is good for you...gosh you work out a LOT. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family, Suz

  6. I hope you still go well without attending the meetings Coleen.

    Have a great thanksgiving.


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