Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Christmas Came Last Night

Phil gave me my Christmas present last night, and it was something I have wanted for a very long time, but never thought would happen.
He took me to see the musical, WICKED!!!
We got dressed up, my awesome parents came over to babysit, and we drove to Providence. We went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory which is an absolute favorite restaurant of mine. The menu is like 20 pages long!

We ordered the nachos with spicy chicken and the Chicken Bellagio (chicken with prosciutto and basil over pasta) and split them both. It was soooooo delicious, and filling, so we had to order our cheesecake to go. We'll eat that tonight, perhaps!

Then we went over to the Providence Performing Arts Center. As we were walking towards it, I got super excited and said to Phil: "We are usually the type of people who walk right by a show like this, but tonight we are actually going inside!!" I was giddy, to say the least. And the show was AMAZING! It's about the story before the Wizard of Oz story we all know so well. I tried to read the book, but it was so weird and twisted and dirty, I couldn't get through it. DON'T read the book....DO see the's funny, and clean, and clever!
(These were the actresses we saw last night. Such great voices!)
I have been listening to the music for years, so I thought I knew the story, but I didn't know everything that happened which made it much better. I just loved how both Glinda and Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) slowly progressed into how we know them (in Wizard of Oz)throughout the show. We also got to see the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion before the spells were cast upon them. The musical explains why Elphaba was seen as so wicked, but you truly feel bad for her and love her in this show. Ahhhh, it's so good!!
My favorite song is "Popular" and they performed the scene so well.
I wanted one of the shirts, but for $35 bucks, no thank you! If you have a chance to see this show, I would highly recommend it. Thanks again, Phil!

Flip, flip, giggle! (see the show and you'll know what I'm talking about)


  1. I so want to see this show. What a gift!

  2. What a wonderful Christmas gift!! Oh Wickedly fun! ;)

    That meal looks de-lighful too. *yummy*

    Merry Christmas Colleen!

  3. What an evening! I'm a little jealous ;)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful show! What a great present!

  5. My husband and I have been to see it twice and loved it! I did read the book beforehand, and it was very difficult to get through (and I trashed it afterwards) but I chalk it up as one of those things where I can tell everyone else just like you said "Don't read it!" :)

    One of the really great things for me about it was the first time we went I had to drag my husband (as he has always proclaimed that he hates musicals), but after he saw it the first time he was so impressed that he told me he wanted us to buy tickets to see it again! And now when I bring up a musical that I want to see, he's all for it. Yay! :)

  6. that food looks soooo yummy. Don't show a pregnant person food! oh my goodness I want to go there now.

    I have never heard of that show. I must be living in an alternate universe. I like shows like riverdance. That was the last show I saw in 2003 maybe?

  7. What a wonderful Christmas present! I have read the book, but it was a while ago so I can't remember if I liked it or not..

    I love the Cheesecake Factory too!

    Have a great Christmas!

  8. What a wonderful present! Glad you had such a great time!!

  9. What a great Christmas present and night!! I would love to see Wicked too! Glad you had a great time.

  10. What a wonderful gift!!!! Your husband is so good to guys deserved a nice night out.
    Merry Christmas!!

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful time.... Just wanted to stop by and say Merry Christmas.

  12. i am soooo totally jealous... this was an AWESOME Christmas present....

    merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!

  13. Thank you soo much for warning us not to read the book. :O I'm so glad you and your husband had so much fun. Enjoy your dessert. :)

    I hope it's okay but I posted your Christmas Card on my recent blog entry. I gave you and Peggy credit. :D

    Have a wonderful and blessed Merry Christmas! :D

  14. what a great present. So glad you had a good time.

  15. Oh, it sounds like you had so much fun! Yay! I want to see Wicked. Maybe someday :)

    And Elf? Best Christmas movie ever. We heart Elf here at my house.


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