Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Collarbones & Armpits

Ever since I was a little girl, I envied women with collarbones that stuck out. Not in a sickly-I'm-starving-myself way, but in a beautiful-I-look-thin-and-elegant sort of way:I never had well-defined collarbones. And I was a thin kid! But I tend to carry my weight in the top half of my body. Yup, I'm an apple shape who's dreamed of being a pear shape.

So anyway, after this past year of exercise, eating healthier, and training for the half-marathon...I sort of have collarbones! Sometimes I have to hunch up my shoulders a bit to see them, but they are there. It's very exciting, and leads me to my next body image goal - concave armpits. Armpits that aren't flat but actually curve in. I think you need skinny arms to get these:

Weird goal, right? I know, but it's something that my younger sister and I would talk about wanting. Geez, we were weird kids...most little girls would dream of long hair and curvy figures, but nope, we wanted collarbones and armpits. Ha!

What are some of your body goals (both strange and normal!)


  1. This cracked me up Colleen! Being honest, I have NEVER contemplated collarbones or armpits!! Too funny.

    I do, however, notice hips and thighs and how everyone else's seem to be abnormally smaller than mine (eventhough I am currently at my lightest weight since sometime around puberty!!).

    I'd rather be apple shape. I think I am pear, if that in fact means that most of my weight is carried in my hips and thigh area. My hubby boasts of my curves and that it is what makes me a woman for gosh darn sakes. I'm not as thrilled with it. Wanna switch? :)

    Okay, I'm off to go check my collarbone and armpits now!

  2. Colleen- I remember you mentioned you work on the Cape . . . where? My husband's uncle has a house in Brewster and we go up every summer! We should try to meet up sometime! Actually, this year, I am trying to work it so we are there for the Brew Run which is a 5 mile race in Brewster (Aug 14th). I was to chicken to run it last year, so this year I want to!

    I am a total apple too. I gain all my weight in my stomach. I lost a bunch of weight over the last year, before, I swear I looked permanently pregnant! Now I am within pounds of the weight I was when I got married, but I carry it so differently! My arms are thinner, legs are thinner, but I have stubborn belly fat that will not go away. I blame my little "pooch" on three c-sections!

    Anyways, I want a six pack . . . yes, weird I know, but I want well defined abs! I do not want to look like a muscle woman, but strong and healthy!

  3. HA! Funny enough, I know exactly what you mean :) I have collar bones, but no caved in armpits ;) I believe I'm a pear, and I don't think it's anything to get excited about. No matter what I do I have a curvy bum and thigh area. That's just me. I always wished for long thin legs and thighs, and maybe more well-defined arms. Yeah, that sounds good.

  4. You are so funny!!! I agree, you were a silly kid.
    I have never thought about the armpit deal. Although...I would give anything to have hairless armpits. Imagine not having to shave there daily...oooohhhlaaalaaa.

  5. you are funny.. but i won't laugh too hard, especially over the collarbone thing... cause i always wanted one too!

  6. I'd like to have a bony back, weird I know. I also wish my hipbones were a little bonier. Nice to know someone else is noticing abnormal traits- hope the armpit thing goes well.

    1. I lost almost 100 pounds from my heaviest (220) in at 126 now. I have prominent hip,collar,back, and rib bones as well as the concave under arms. I like the way they look but I hate having them lol. My hips are constantly bumping into things and I have no cushion for it. my back bones grind and rub hard against hard back seats, and my under arms are difficult to shave. Its not that enjoyable lol I almost preferred being a bit heavier!

  7. Hmm, I never thought of my collarbones as something someone might envy!! I ordered my wedding dress today and my measurements were bust:33 waist:26 and hips: 38. LOL I'm a size 4 on the top but they ordered me a size 8 bc of the bottom. Guess I'm a pear!! Fine with me tho! Tiny top works well for running. Congrats on having visible collarbones!!! Lol. Btw, an ultra is anything more than 26.2 miles. :-)

  8. So funny! I have never thought about armpits that curve in.... Hmmm, I will have to think about that a little. But good for you for working so hard on getting healthy and feeling good about yourself! Yay!!!



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