Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost without LOST

I can't believe it's over. And tonight I will have to watch my TiVo'd series finale of 24. What is happening with the world? Where are all the good shows going? Just like Billy Joel sings, "Only the Good Die Young". I am happy that these shows are coming to a conclusion though, as many shows I start watching just get pulled off the air without any finality.
But as for Lost's conclusion, it was a bit confusing, which I think was a great thing. Because that's what Lost has always been. It's always forced us to try and figure things out for ourselves, to interpret characters and their actions in our own way. Although it's a tad frustrating that there's no clear & concise ending, whenever I watch a movie or read a book with a "cutesy" perfect ending, I always feel disappointed, and Lost did not disappoint.
I thought it was wonderful that a show about discovering the true purpose of life ends with Heaven, our ultimate purpose. There are so many shows with such shallow and materialistic themes and goals, and Lost always left me pondering about my life, my purpose, my goals. Awesome!
I loved how the characters weren't ready for Heaven until they had found peace and sacrificed themselves in Purgatory. Did Ben ever make it to Heaven? I can't recall - I know he wasn't ready to leave the island. And Jack (swoon!) who was the most scientific/realistic had the hardest time letting go and having faith, but his ending was just beautiful. And I liked that we didn't have to watch them all die - that would have been too gory and dramatic. But the best part was watching all the couples reunite and be with their loved ones. I had forgotten how many romances had been had on the Island, and it was so nice seeing all the old characters return.
The only thing I didn't like was that Aaron (Claire's baby) was so young in Heaven. Because we had seen him as a little boy, and I thought that's how he should have appeared in Heaven. But Phil thinks they may have kept him a baby so that we (the viewers) would know who he was. I guess it really doesn't matter because, as Christian said, there is no time in Heaven anyway.
So, what did you think? Here's what Melanie thought, and she links to some other Lost reviews in her post as well.


  1. and that my dear.. after reading your post.. is why i NEVER started watching lost, much going on there!!!


    kinda gave me a headache just thinking of it all!

  2. I never got into this show myself. I do understand your feeling on the end of season shows though...you start to get into a weekly groove with them, then they just leave you. Not nice at all.

  3. My husband and I have watched Lost from the beginning. We also suspected early on that the Island was basically purgatory. We really like sci-fi and also shows that seems to give a deeper messages. I agree with you about the cutesy endings of shows or books...kinda disappointing.

    I think that the focus of the show has always been these particular characters journey which is why many questions may not have been answered..because they didn't need to be and yes giving the viewers a chance for their own conclusions.

    We were pleased with the ending. I also liked how the couples came together and the way they remembered...who triggered those memories was interesting as well.

    One "question" was Walt. We wondered if he was "special" because maybe he channeled some kind of events or communicates with the dead...not sure though. :)

    I'm glad it's over because I like finality and am like you, hate it when I get into a show and they just take it off the air with no conclusions.


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