Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Lo: July 23rd


1) We are getting a refund for our vacation house fiasco! (In case you don't know...we had mice in the house we rented) The owner of the house isn't giving us a full refund, but we are getting 2/3 back, which we are happy about.

2) Track Club for the boys has been going great. They had a meet this week, and they all racked up some first place ribbons. Not that that's what's important...but they do have my competitive streak...and they love to win!

3) Phil fixed our dryer. Whatta man! Have I told you all how much I LOVE my husband? Seriously, like for real :)

4) Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law Angela, who turned 29 (again) on Tuesday ;)
My brother took her away overnight, and we watched their 3 kids. Clare missed her mom, but warmed up to me quickly, and Brogan and PJ were awesome! Love those kids!
Clare and PJ playing together

The kids loved sleeping over their cousin's house...
...and sharing beds!


1) Eamon needs to be evaluated for possible speech therapy. He has a little lisp and still mispronounces his L's and R's. He's only 3 and speaks so sweetly, but I'd rather get it fixed earlier than later. John-Paul had physical therapy, Andrew had speech therapy, so we'll see what Maggie will need in the the rate she's going, probably some classes in manners :)

How was your week? Tell me, tell me!!


  1. Dag, we had mice in our beach house too, but we loved the house so much that we decided to not care. (Really kinda gross though--woke up to mice droppings on the counter each day.)
    Good for you for getting some money back.

  2. happy that you finally got your money back! Good luck on the speech. Two of mine did it... one a lot longer than the other! You're right, each child has "their" thing! Again, good luck!

  3. Hooray for the refund!!! Not the full amount, but still better than nothing.

    It's hard when those little cuties speak with a lisp or mispronunciations to 'make' them correct it when it is so.darn.cute :) Jonah says his s's a little weird, but gosh darn it I'm gonna miss it one day.

    LOL on Maggie! Too funny. Little Miss No-Manners Maggie? I can't believe it. Rest assured, my kids are far from sainthood either. You're not alone.

    I've had a busy, crazy week and after running to town today to get my hair done and some groceries I am so ready just to stay home this weekend! I also had a VERY good day yesterday for a VERY good reason. Will have to email you ;)

  4. So funny...I have threatened "charm school" for years.
    have a great weekend.

  5. Ha! Your last line made me laugh.

  6. yeah!! for the refund..
    btw- clair is soooooo cute!!!

    have a beautiful wkend!!!!!

  7. Way to go Phil fixing the dryer! Eric did that for us not too long ago with the washing machine! I love that I married a handyman too. It's good for our bank accounts!

    Awesome about the vacay home giving you some $ back. It's about time, that is horrible that there were mice! Gross!

    I fully expect to need speech therapy for Darby too! I just talked to the Dr. about it last week and she said around 3yrs old if the lisp is still there. I will be surprised if she just looses it, since its so pronounced! L's and R's are hard for D too! We have been working with her letters and sound so much lately!

  8. Glad to hear that you are getting a refund!! My 2 yr old has had phyiscal therapy and is now going through speech therapy, so I know what it is like.

  9. I'm glad you are getting a refund! That must have been a frustrating situation!

  10. Okay, I seriously laughed out loud about the classes in manners ;) Kenners had a lisp until just recently. I was preparing for speech therapy {had to have it, myself, when I was little}, but I don't think it will be necessary.


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