Monday, July 19, 2010

On Why I'll Never Be Rich

Though there are a million practical reasons why I'll never be rich - a Catholic School Teacher Hubby, 4 children (so far), living in Taxachusetts, and TONS of student loan debt - there is an even bigger reason I don't think I'll ever be rich.
I think I might lose my soul.
You see, when I daydream about being wealthy, I imagine a life of luxury and leisure. A life in a mansion with landscapers, house cleaners, nannies, a personal chef, a personal trainer, a chauffeur, a pool boy, and the ever-so-necessary masseuse. My children will be well dressed and given anything their little hearts desire, and I will be sitting by the pool in my bikini (hello cosmetic surgery!!) barking out orders to the employees under my care. Change diapers, who me? Clean my house, yeah right! Lovingly prepare dinner for my family when we have a chef? Why bother?
Of course, I can easily see how "bad" that would be for my spiritual life. Why would I *need* God when I have everything I could ever (monetarily) want? If I don't suffer even a little in this life, I have to make up for it in the next, and wasting money on such shallow aspirations does not a saintly person make.
And Jesus said to His disciples, "Truly I say to you, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
These dreams of grandeur are easily shattered by my reality. My fabulous husband loves to tell me that God will never make us rich because I would indeed lose my faith. He knows I would love to shop and go on vacations and get a "break" from being a mom all the time. And while these things can be okay in moderation, they can easily become vices.
So while it is hard to look around at what everybody else has that I'm lacking, I do thank God for the opportunities he has given me. I'm thankful for a strong and loving marriage, children who are being raised by their parents and not by nannies, and a house of our own that we take care of all by ourselves.
At the end of a long day, it is rewarding to fall asleep knowing that I have faithfully fulfilled my duties as a wife and mom. And I'm hoping that when Judgement Day comes, God will agree.


  1. When I married you, I promised that I would help you get to heaven. I guess that means I have to keep us "poor" which is the reason I became a Catholic school teacher. ;)

    Anyway, isn't that why we had kids. To one day do laundry and dishes and babysit?

  2. i am laughing so hard over phils comment... such brilliance i tell ya!!!!!!

    yea, i agree... i think God knows to keep me grounded we can never have a ton of money.. though i won't lie.. i would like just a LITTLE more.. just to you know, be comfy!!!!

  3. Colleen-

    Great post! Our situation is very similar to yours . . . my hubby works of the diocese (= low pay and lots of hours), we live in an area where the cost of living is huge and we could probably have a house twice the size we have for the price we paid if we were somewhere else in the country, we homeschool because the public schools are horrible here and financially we could not afford the Catholic school.

    I too, wish, at times, that things were easier . . . I do not need a mansion, but a little more room in a house that is not stuck in a time warp would be nice. But, like you said, it all keeps me close to God. We have to traly on Him and trust we are doing His will and that HE is taking care of us. For me, it is because I am horribly independent and probably not rely on God so much if I knew we could take care of ourselves without constant prayer and discernment. I know that homeschooling has made be a better mom and holier (I could not get through the day without prayer).

    So, there is a readon for it all! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I completely agree, Colleen! That's why I will never be rich either :) Too much responsibility that comes with it. And I think I'd try to help too many other people out, and then get myself into more trouble. Yeah, best I not win the lottery ;)

  5. You are so rich in so many ways. you already knew that though...

  6. What a great post! I love your husband's comments. Sounds like my hubby. And truthfully, we do give our children "jobs" to do around the house like putting laundry in the basket, pick up sticks in the yard (they love this because they do it with the gator). Little things but hopefully it will teach them responsibility to for themselves and to others.

    Like you & your hubby I hope that all we do will help us all get to heaven and peace with Jesus.

    When I ask (or whine) about wanting something, simply put my hubby says, "Well, you could go get a job". That right there puts everything into perpective. Nah, I'd rather not have XYZ.

    Excellent post and I really laughed at Taxachusetts!

  7. Thank you for this post. My husband works at a very low paying job with lots of hours and of course I am unemployed. We have TOOOOOOONS of student loan debt and I just feel so overwhelmed. I'm so afraid our debt will get in the way of having a lot of kids (if God wills that.)


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