Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Me and My Mini-Me

(Betcha thought it was going to be Maggie...nope!)

Eamon Philip has been my identical twin from the beginning. We look so much alike it is scary. I wish I had some good baby pictures to show you all what I'm talking about. The only difference (besides our gender) is that my hair was white blond as a child, and his is dirty blond.

(I'm on the left around age 5)

My mom just loves Eamon, and can't help herself to say that he reminds her of me growing up. Even my sister-in-law commented that our facial expressions are weirdly similar. We also both love to burp and occasionally let out a snort when we laugh (just keeping it real, people).

This boy started life with some serious colic, and it took me a while to really enjoy him. I loved him, but he was VERY difficult as a baby. Once he got over his tummy and ear troubles, he was like a completely different person. He is so enjoyable to be around, and has the.best.laugh.ever!

He walks all around his Catholic elementary school, and even though he is only in preschool, all the students (up to grade 8) stop to say hi to Eamon. His bubbly personality is irresistible! And I'm so glad he's mine :)


  1. You both have such beautiful and genuine smiles! It's kind of nice to have a "mini-me," isn't it? My Nadia is that for me - although I hope she ends up keeping my better qualities and ditches my less favorite ones! :-)

  2. I snort when I laugh, too, especially if something was extremely funny or if I was caught by surprise ...this is all in the interest of keeping it real, of course.

    How cute! Noah is a mini-me even though people say he looks like Jeremy. What they don't know is that if we put a blond girl-wig on him, it would be me. Poor kid. Maria is a baby mini-me. She looks like I did as a baby. But the rest look just like their father, as if I had nothing to do with it!

  3. He is so cute, as are you.
    Isn't it funny how facial expressions can be shared???

  4. he is SO cute... and ALWAYS looks so happy... and i agree, ya'll do favor!

  5. That picture of you and Eamon is adorable! :)

  6. You are both adorable!

    So, RI. We are headed to Barrington which is just outside of Providence on the MA border. Super close to you!

  7. great photos! where on the cape did you grow up? my heart is on nantucket as well..my husband and I met there..but we have family on the vineyard..my sister owns the carousel, big and little dipper ice cream! stop in if you're ever there!

  8. So cute! None of my kids look like me very much, but Bun (#4) is Rob's total clone. When they stand next to each other, it looks like Rob replicated himself. They look so much alike that it makes my MIL misty to see Bun. She always says, "Oh he's so much like Robert as a baby!"

    Totally opposite from Rob in personality, though! Maybe that's what he gets from me! ;)

  9. Awww, you guys are two peas in a pod! :) He is so very sweet, just like his Mama!


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