Monday, August 23, 2010


We were *ahem* a little busy this weekend ;)

Which leads me to my list of updates:

1) We are trying for Baby #5 this month!! With our very rigid schedules (teaching and tax prep) we are trying to plan for the perfect timing. Of course, God's timing is best, so we'll see what happens.
2) Maggie's first backpack will be:

It will have Maggie embroidered on the front.

Thanks to Nana (Phil's mom) for keeping up the tradition of buying each of our children their first L.L.Bean backpack!

3) Eamon had his speech therapy evaluation and they think he does need a little work with his R's. His language skills are a year ahead of his age, so they are not worried about that, we just want to work on his (oh-so-cute) speech issues while he is young.

4) Comments - I am leaving them on for now. I really appreciate everybody's advice and I agree that they should be used as a way to form relationships, and I shouldn't take anything too personally. I'm working on it :)

5) My friend, Laura (and mom to Maggie's best friend, Robby) is 2 days past her due date...keep her in your prayers!

Now it's time to go read what's going on in your lives. (My favorite part of the morning!)


  1. love the backpack choice! Praying for baby #5... I admire you all! What a blessing! Wish I was still in baby mode...I think i would always take just one more! Also praying for you in the speech...we had one doing that for a LONG time... it is so worth it in the end! Good luck! Again... baby prayers coming your way!

  2. Good luck trying for Baby 5 this month! We are trying too this month. It would be so cool to have babies on the same day. LOL

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I'll be praying! ;)

  4. That's so exciting you're trying for #5! One year and we will be trying for #2!! Prayers for God's timing being QUICK! :)

  5. woot woot.. number 5!!!!
    can't wait to hear more.. just, you know- not TOO MUCH.. lol- just kidding...
    cute backpack.. totally the one i liked!!!

  6. How exciting!! Prayers for you and your family!

    Now... are you hoping for another girl??

  7. Allsion,
    Yes, I am hoping for another girl, but only for Maggie to have a sister. Because I will say this - BOYS are so much easier!!

  8. Yay for a fun weekend!!

    Prayers from AZ!!! :)

  9. Yippie for babies!!!!!
    I always loved my kids speech impediments...they did grow out of them, but so cute while they lasted.
    Have a great day!

  10. Love the backpack for Maggie! How are boys easier???? I swear my house is a zoo!!! They are loud, have endless energy and people keep telling me how much they are going to smell when they hit puberty!!! I love them to death but man are they a lot of work!! We joined Healthtrax in N. Dartmouth. Loving it so far.

  11. Love the "pack pack" or "gap pack" as they are called in our house.

    Praying for another Martin Blessing! :)

  12. Hooray for #1! Have fun trying... hehe!


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