Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Blew His Mind

Andrew: Mom, were you born in 2003, like John-Paul?

Me: No.

Andrew: 2002?

Me: No.

Andrew: 2001?

Me: Nope.

Andrew: (all exasperated) Well, then, 2000-what were you born in?


Me: Andrew, this is gonna sound funny, but I was born in 1979.

Andrew: WHAT?!?!?!? Nuh-uh.

Me: Yes-huh.

(He still doesn't believe me)


  1. lol. Too funny! Kids and age/time are always a funny combination.

  2. haha, so cute!!! :-)

    i LOVE the biggest loser! I think some of the stuff they do is a bit extreme but hey, whatever works, lol. i also think it's misleading bc they leave out a lot of safety stuff that's importnat for people at home. but overall, i think it's better to have TBL than not to have it! Our country is getting way too out of control, something needs to be done

  3. That is funny! I think one of my boys has a little anxiety when we talk about my age (33) because they seem to always follow up by saying, "Isn't that when Jesus died on the cross?" Simply put, I LOVE hearing the things kids say or think!

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Those smiles down below are priceless!!
    Your kids are just the funniest.
    My girls almost fell down when they realized I was born in 1967!!!! And no, I did not go to woodstock. :)

  5. Haha! This is the best!

    It's like me sounding surprised that my parents didn't have a microwave when they were younger. Or color tv!

    And my kids will be surprised we didn't have computers when I was little...

  6. Too cute. My kids think I am ancient too and I was born in 1971. :) He is so cute.
    I love your header...Adorable.

  7. You are sooooooo old! :)

  8. are hilarious. That sounds like millions of years ago to them!

  9. This is hilarious!! I can't wait to see the world through the eyes of my kids.


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