Thursday, September 30, 2010

Normal Boy or Psychopath?

Help me decide if we are raising a normal 7 year old, or he is going to turn out to be a psychopath:

John-Paul (7) and Andrew (almost 6) were in the shower (yes, we make the kids shower in batches, at least while they are young) and as soon as they got out, John-Paul ran over to his piggy bank and started taking out money.

Phil, realizing something was going on, asked him why he was getting out money.  J-P replied that he wanted to give Andrew fifty cents.  When Phil asked him why, it became obvious J-P was trying to cover up something.

So, Phil turned to Andrew and asked him why J-P was giving him money.  Andrew said "I'm not supposed to tell you!" and was looking very guilty as well.  John-Paul finally confessed that he peed on Eamon's shower poof/sponge. 

What?!?!?  He thought it would be a funny prank, but then realized Phil and I wouldn't agree so he tried to pay off Andrew from tattling.  He got in trouble for:
1) Peeing on his brother's stuff 
2) Trying to be sneaky about it, and
3) Involving Andrew in his sneakiness 

So is this a funny, normal boy story or not?  We can laugh about it now, but we were really upset with him.  This seemed so out of character.  Thank goodness he has his First Penance this year :)


  1. Normal.

    Plus, he knew he did something wrong and felt remorse (even though he did try to bribe his brother), so that tells you he has a conscience.

    When my brothers shared a room, the older of the two made the younger one sleep on the top even though he was a little scared. Then the little one fell off the top and hit his head pretty hard. Knowing that he would get in trouble if they heard the younger one crying, the older one very "compassionately" told him: "cry into your pillow so no one can hear you."

    When my parents saw the huge black goose egg on my youngest brother's head in the morning there was some big explaining to do!

    Both brothers have turned out to be very smart, well-adjusted, and they are good friends as adults. :)

  2. Normal.

    We have one boy who wets the bed and the brother who shares a room with him got tired of it and peed on the floor so his brother would know what it was like to live in a room that smelled like pee. Boys are just different from girls.

    Bribery goes on here all the time.

    Congratulations! Your boys are normal.

  3. normal. boys pee on weird stuff all the time because they can. thank goodness there was a drain invovled in this scenario and the pee didn't ruin anything.

  4. LOL!
    I don't think you have anything to worry about. :)

  5. Totally normal, Colleen! :) I agree with the others ~ he obviously knew he had done something wrong. Nothing to worry about.

    Quite funny, btw :)

  6. I would say normal. Funny story too. =)

  7. I laughed out loud at that one! Luckily I had just swallowed my sweat tea!

    Being the proud owner of an almost 8 year old - I would say that's completely normally little boy stuff! Peter has his first confession this year too.

  8. i so say normal!!!

    pretty funny too by the way!!

  9. HAHAHAAAA!!! So funny - and normal :) That's hilarious. But I would still have consequences as well even if it is normal!!

  10. I'd say normal. I don't have a seven year old yet but I taught them for a few years. Doing something wrong, lying and covering up for it are normal. I agree with the others too, it is a good sign that he knew it was wrong and you guys would be upset.
    It is funny and something you should remind him of someday when he has kids!

  11. LOL Um, normal and a little cute.l He knew it was wrong. I don't think you have any worries, your kids are amazing!

  12. I'm guessing totally normal. Judging by the stories I've heard my husband tell of growing up with 4 other brothers, I think this may only be the beginning. Good luck!!

  13. Haha! Normal. :) My little brother and I used to split the household chores on Saturday mornings. I would clean my part, and then he would pay me to clean his part, too. It was at least a month before mom noticed! In this case, though, we were *both* trying to cover it up. My brother, because he was getting out of cleaning... me, because I knew my brother couldn't count money yet and was (without knowing the value of the bills) paying me $2 - $4 a week to do his work for him! Mom actually didn't find out until Christmas rolled around and my brother had to explain why he was broke!

  14. This story reminds me of why I love boys!

  15. At least you got it out of him! I was such a little liar when I was a kid! And my husband says he was too. We are in BIG trouble.

  16. That is so funny!!! Caleb is already blaming Ben for stuff. Too bad for him I'm smarter than a 2 year old :) Boys have gross sense of humors from birth.

  17. Another vote for normal! Especially for two boys so close together! What will they come up with next? It seems the common sense just goes right down the drain! (literally in this case!)


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