Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27th Daybook

Outside my window...
...about a foot of snow!  They called it a blizzard, and although we have seen much worse, we did lose power twice and had heavy winds all night.  Perfect timing for a day when nobody had to go to school or work anyway.

I am thinking...
...about how much I want to eat a tuna sandwich and a diet coke.  Tuna is a once a week treat while pregnant and diet anything is a no-no.  So sad :(

I am thankful for... husband who shoveled this morning, my kids who have been busy playing with their Christmas gifts, a friend who is giving me her newish baby car seat, and a wonderful holiday shared with family.

From the kitchen...
...I'm going to bake chocolate chip zucchini bread later today.  Phil made blueberry pancakes this morning.  Yum!

I am wearing...
...Maternity jeans (yes, maternity...sigh) and a black shirt.  No socks and my feet are freezing!

I am creating...
...another baby.  Can I just keep using this answer for the next 7 months?

I am going... my sister's house to let the cousins play together, to do some work for my kid's school, and then vacuum.  I love to vacuum!

I am reading...
...The Eat Clean Diet book and America's Test Kitchen Healthy Recipe Book.  Both are great!

I am hoping...
...for some good news from our ultrasound on Wednesday.  The good news being that everything looks great and I'm further along than I think.

I am hearing...
...Phil and Andrew playing a card game, John-Paul sorting legos, and the little ones sleeping on the monitors.

Around the house...'s a Christmas mess, but we're enjoying it!

One of my favorite things...
...tuna and diet coke.  Did I already mention that?

A few plans for the rest of the week:
   ~Dentist visits
   ~An appointment to a new primary care physician
   ~An ultrasound and midwife visit
   ~A trip with my handsome hubby to Indianapolis over New Year's Eve and Day to a friend's wedding :)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing:
Christmas Morning on the stairs waiting to see the presents!


  1. I can say Amen to a lot of that! I am sorry, but what is up with my maternity clothes already?! I seriously look about 2 months further along than I am. I'm thinking it should be illegal to be pregnant during the holidays. That's what I'm going to blame it on ;)

    And don't get me started on diet coke . . . and tuna fish. I just don't eat it at all because if I get started then I just want it every day. And when you can't eat any deli meat, what's left for sandwiches? Okay, now I'm sounding very grumpy, and I don't mean to be. :) Just ignore the huge, grouchy pregnant lady ;)

  2. This is so cute!!!
    And now for some reason, I am also craving a tuna sandwich!
    Love that photo!!!

  3. How do you like the Eat Clean Diet Book?

  4. love that pix!!!

    i hope you have a fabulous new year.. and that 2011 blesses you and yours in every way possible!!!

  5. Congratulations on a new baby Martin! Are you still able to exercise? I want to try running through my next pregnancy ... if we are blessed.

  6. thats a cute picture.

    keep the dentists appts! I have had so much trouble with my teeth since I have had so many babies. I admit that I slacked off with denatl care in the last 2 babies and I am paying for it now.

    and tuna and diet coke? thats what I craved too all the time and I indulged more than once a week. Of course all my kids came out a little But, I would just go with your cravings.


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