Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Martin Family Moments

1) Maggie kept her pull-up dry all night!  FINALLY!!  She's been totally potty-trained all day since she was 2 1/2 but still peed at night.  We bribed her with the promise of one M&M in the morning if she kept it dry, and it worked.  Maybe we'll have a teeny tiny break in between now and the next baby where we don't have to buy any diapers/pull-ups.

2) In the morning, if I'm running late, the big boys take the littles into school to their classrooms.  They are such good big brothers, helping their little preschool siblings hang up their jackets and backpacks, take out their lunch bag and put their paperwork in the bins. 
I love that they take pride in being the big helpers for Mom...sometimes they do act like little Saints:

3) This is a sad one, but yesterday morning, Eamon got all teary-eyed in the car when I was unbuckling him from his car seat, and said "Mom, when John-Paul doesn't (un)buckle breaks my heart.  It really does."  Just hearing my little munchkin use that phrase broke my heart :(

4) Baby names - the kids are so involved in this pregnancy!  It's so fun.  They still like Sarah and Patrick, but we also have votes for Michael, Boo, Spongebob and Squidward. 
Ummmm, no.

5) Eamon gets "bigger" and "older" confused and uses them interchangeably.  He told me that because I was the biggest (oldest) in the family, I was going to die first, then Dad, then J-P, then Andrew...and on and on down the line.  I told him that we die whenever God wants us to be with Him in Heaven.  And he told me that "we only go to Heaven if we're good.  And Heaven is the number one funnest place ever!  But if we're naughty, we go to Hell."  How does a four year old know that already?

6) The kids have become quite a bit less picky with their eating habits as of late.  We have always tricked them by hiding veggies in their food, but now they are much more willing to try things.  One thing that has helped is telling them after their birthdays, that they are {insert age} now, and that means they like it.  it's non-sensible, but it works.  Maggie eats pizza and cheeseburgers since she's turned three, just because we told her she likes it now :)

 7) The countdown to February vacation (Florida) is a daily ritual.  They are BEYOND excited, which I'm so happy about because it will probably be the only time we get the chance to go.  In case you were wondering, only 25 days to go until we can see a REAL princess (no offense Cinderella from Storyland, NH)!


  1. So, let me get this straight. All you did was bribe her with 1 M&M the morning after she stays dry and it worked?! We've tried gum as a reward, we've tried a sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa's as a reward, but our 4 year old refuses to stay dry at night. And she's been daytime trained since she was 2 1/2! Good job, Maggie! :)

  2. i am really laughing over number 6.... so simple, so funny!!!

    precious family you have!!!

  3. Love it. Our boy was potty trained for a few days, but then I got tired of being on top of it and, alas, we again have 2 in diapers. BUT, yesterday we went to the grocery store and I bought some chocolate chips. As soon as we got home, Luke said he wanted to go potty (yep, it's because he remembered that his reward was chocolate chips!). Maybe this summer he'll finally get it!

  4. That would be so nice to go somewhere warm for February vacation! But we'll settle for dreaming of someplace warm, instead. :)

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  5. Your kids are so cute, and you are so brave to go for 5 :)

    I must say, I'm partial to Sarah for a girl - and didn't you have a thing for Evie?? Is it on the list?

    Hope everything is going well!

  6. My four year old is sometimes dry in the morning and sometimes not. I have been told by many & ped that it's a physical thing and not to worry. Hard when the three year old is all the trained and has been for quite some time. ??

    Love the names!

    Oh, and I saw your name here:



  7. our children always had an opinion in choosing names. I love talking about names for baby so liked all the discussion. Hubby on the other hand, tended to leave name choices until the very end of the pregnancy.

    When I was pregnant with JOseph though, he did say to the children one night, maybe we should call the baby dufus. They laughed so much and then Tom said, we should call you dufus. Now he gets called dufus quite regularly.


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