Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disney World: Day 2

My Dad, "wearing" his sunscreen.  So punny:

AH, dramatic!

This nice guy, working at the Buzz Lightyear ride, stopped to talk to Eamon who was wearing his new Buzz Lightyear hat from Gammy.  He discovered that Eamon is a HUGE fan of Buzz Lightyear, and gave us a pass to come back anytime and skip the line.  So Eamon got to go on his favorite ride three times!

The boys thought their great laser skills on the ride were actually the reason the Zurg was imprisoned!

Sometimes she's nice...

Snow White...that's for you, Laura:

Dopey...that's for you, Mom:

The sword in the stone:

Splash Mountain ~ John-Paul and Andrew in the last row, Phil, Eamon & Maggie in front of them:

So I have one bone to pick with Disney.  Not only do you have to wait in line for rides (understandable) but you also have to wait in line to meet the characters.  I think they should have the characters waiting by the rides with the long lines, so that halfway through the line-ride, you get to meet the character.  Makes sense, right?

Enjoying our tropical soft serve and pineapple floats..mmm!

Dumbo.  The longest ride we had to wait in for the worst ride.  But the littles wanted to do it :)

Eamon's Buzz Lightyear hat glows in the dark, so on every ride that went inside, he would take off his hat and look at it with pride.  So cute!

Shooting The Evil Emperor Zurg:

The Making Dreams Come True Parade:

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