Thursday, March 31, 2011

10 Things About Me and My Better Half

Betty Beguiles is asking us all to participate in this fun post, so here goes:

1) We met in Austria.  We went to the same college (go Franciscan!) but probably never would have met if we hadn't both gone to Austria during the same semester.    He was 19, and I was just about to turn 21.

2) We are practically opposites when it comes to our personalities.  He is relaxed, deep-thinking, and so easy to please.  I am uptight, practical-thinking, and hard to please.  We joke that I take care of us in this world (finances, schedules, household planning, exercise reminders) and he takes care of us for the next world (family prayer time, theological discussions, parish involvement, Confession reminders).  Somehow it all works out perfectly.

3) We both come from families of six kids - two boys and four girls each.

4) When we met, although it wasn't love at first sight, we became instant friends.  I was dating someone from back home, but it only took a couple of weeks for me to confide in my roommate that I wanted to marry Phil or somebody

5) He made me wait three weeks of official dating for our first kiss.  I was DYING! 

I was also his first kiss.


6) He hates seafood, and I (mostly) hate red meat.  So every once in a while I'll buy him a steak and me a piece of fish and we indulge together....seperately, but together.
7) I had a deal with God that I would know whom I was supposed to marry because he would give me one white rose. Just over a year into dating, Phil left a white rose at my house.  For no reason at all.  God had given me my sign!  A few months later, and we were engaged. 

8) Every single time I find out I'm pregnant, he always reacts with such excitement and joy that he makes everything feel just matter how shocked I am!

9) We dream of opening up an ice cream shop one day.

10) We still feel like we are in our honeymoon phase.  We truly are best friends and passionately in love.  I hope our children can always witness such a happy marriage!


  1. In a society where many couples are not happy but most importantly (and sad) not charitable to one another, it is refreshing and encouraging to hear you talk about your marriage and Phil in such a way.

    I think I've said this before...he sounds very similar to Keith! :) One of his favorite quotes is Charity begins at Home.

    What a wonderful blessing to have such a husband! God bless your family!

  2. Oh I love this post. I will have to do a similar one about Steve and I.

  3. Oh that photo is simply gorgeous! This is a wonderful list!

  4. This is so great! I love how one of you hates fish and the other red meat. You sound like a "surf and turf" couple :).

  5. This is so sweet! The white rose story got me teary. And I do hope you can open an ice cream shop one day! I know it's been a dream of yours for a long time!!

  6. What a wonderful post! You guys do truly seem like a match made in heaven. I love that you got your white rose.

    And when you do open your ice cream shop hopefully it will be on the Cape so I can come by and get a scoop. (Two scoop scoops of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, please!)

  7. number seven gave me chills..
    God truly is wonderful!!!!

    so great reading this, i'm thinking ya'll are a match made in heaven!!

  8. This is so darn sweet!!!
    Giving our kids a wonderful example of happy marriage/joyful love is the best gift ever!!!

  9. Adorable! God has those crazy ways of giving you a sign :D

  10. Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing. I played along, too. Pop on over for a visit:


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