Thursday, March 17, 2011

Because I Could Watch Irish Step Dancing All Day Long...

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everybody!!

We're celebrating with Steak and Guinness Pie for dinner and
  I gave the kids green milk with their breakfast :)

And remember:

If you're lucky enough to be Irish...

You're lucky enough!


  1. happy st. patrick's day

  2. ..and we are VERY lucky! :-) Remember watching the Irish dancers when we were IN Ireland? Ah memories!

    You're Guinness pie sounds yummy!

  3. My bulletin board outside the classroom says "If you're lucky enough to be in Pre-3... you're lucky enough!" Thanks in "bit" to all my little wee Irish ones this year.

    Eamon did NOT take off his Irish hat ALL day and every chance he got he said "I'M IRISH!!!"

    Maggie would put her little Irish headband on with Impish grin and jump around saying "The LEPRECHAUN is here!!!" (they DID visit today.,.. and BOY what a MESS).

    You're little ones were so much fun. Thanks for sharing.


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