Saturday, March 5, 2011

John-Paul's 8th Birthday Party

John-Paul and his cousin, Katie, had a joint birthday celebration.  John-Paul turned 8 and Katie turned 6.  They had a pool party at the YMCA and it was just (some of) our immediate family.  It was great, we had the whole pool to ourselves!  Everyone had tons of fun :)

 The cake was made by the baker at the boarding school I work for.  It was huge!  And it had chocolate shells all around the sides.  So yummy!


  1. what a fun birthday party!! I wish our Y had an awesome pool like that! Happy birthday, John-Paul :)

    (And that cake . . . now I want cake! . . . )

  2. happy birthday. we have a birthday this week too. Looks like an awesome party. Our Y--looks a lot like that too.WE have a slide like that and foosball etc, except ours has a no photo policy for some reason some sort of privacy act...? idk, anyway,I was thinking of a party for one of ours there too but havent decided yet. looks fun. happy birthday to your neice and John-Paul.

  3. wow. I love all the pictures.

    Happy Birthday John Paul.


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