Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strange Changes

Me: With almost every pregnancy I've had, I've lost the taste for a specific food.  I don't mean I just couldn't eat something when I was nauseous, I mean that I don't ever want to eat it ever again.  With John-Paul it was ginger, with Andrew it was milk, with Eamon it was red meat, and with with this baby it's pork.  For some reason while I was pregnant with Maggie, I actually developed a taste for tomatoes, and I still like to eat them now.  If only I could lose my desire for sugar or salt, I would be all set!

Phil: As long as I have known Phil, he has worn a size 12 shoe.  When we were training for the half-marathon last year, he would complain that he was getting blisters on the tips of his toes.  He also went through socks like CRAZY, constantly getting holes in them.  At the beginning of this school year, he went to buy a new pair of dress shoes, and the lady at the store measured his foot and told him he was a size 13.  We were shocked, but suddenly the toe blisters made sense!  Then, just last week, he went to a specialty sports store to get his feet measured for a good pair of running sneakers.  The man at the store measured him and he tried on a couple pairs before the man decided that Phil should actually be wearing a size 14!!  And you know what they say about men with big feet, right? 

(That you have to special order big shoes) 


If we keep this up, I'll be a vegan and Phil will be in clown shoes in no time :)


  1. same thing has happened to me about certain foods. feet too. except it was me and they grew with each kid. I think it has something to do with all that weight on top and the feet have to compensate and spread out. Pre-kid i was a 7, now I am a 9. weird. i have no explanation for your husband's feet growing though. now thats really weird.

  2. hehehe... oh you made me laugh!

    'special order shoes' huh?

  3. HAHA!! You are hilarious. I couldn't eat onions with Leo and only wanted apples with Elena. Weird stuff. I'm also hoping I hate chocolate and butter with the next ;)

  4. LOL! I had the same thing happen to me regarding foods. I could not eat Tomato soup when I was pregnant with Sierra. And to this day, I have a hard time making it for Jeremy. Strange. I have had aversions to dairy this time around. Milk just doesn't set at all.

  5. Oh, you are a funny funny girl!!

  6. My husband wears a 15 and it's completely impossible to find him shoes! It's such a pain!


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