Friday, July 15, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 2

It's Time for Seven Quick Takes Friday again, thanks for hosting, Jen!

1) I am using Sarah's clever idea and making placemats for my kids on Picasa.  So far, I only have Maggie's done:
 but I hope to work on some more today and then figure out how to get them laminated soon.

2) Phil had this weird growth/bump on his inner lip for the past 6 months or so.  He saw the dentist about it and she wasn't concerned but said they would keep an eye on it.  I finally convinced him to see an oral surgeon about it, and he said it was something that they should remove.  So he had it removed last Friday and will get the stitches out today.  They sent it away to be biopsied and we should also learn the results of that today.  It's most likely nothing, but I'm glad it's gone.

3) Baseball is finally finished for 2011! 
This is probably our last year that both John-Paul and Andrew could play on the same team.  Next year, John-Paul will move up to the next level, and Eamon will start playing tee-ball, so we will have to figure out practices and game schedules for 3 boys each week.  How do you moms with huge families do it??

4)  Speaking of sports, track is going well for all the kids this summer.  They meet on Monday and Wednesday nights from 6-8 and learn all sorts of track and field events.  My boys are such competitive little things...I wonder where they get that?? ;) 

Here's Maggie (in the white hat) and her friend Robby helping each other stretch - so cute! 

5) I went to my (hopefully) last midwife appointment yesterday.  I told her I've been having lots of pressure, low back pain, cramping and the baby has dropped.  I asked her for any tricks to get this baby to come out sooner rather than later and she just smiled at me and said "It's best to wait until baby is ready." I said "But you're a midwife...aren't you supposed to have secret tricks?"  She laughed and said "I just know that I'm not in charge"...just one more reason why I love her so much.  She is such a holy woman!  On a coincidental note, I have gained 26.2 pounds - exactly the amount of miles in a marathon.  So I think my race has been run :)

6) Poor John-Paul woke up sick this morning.  He's thrown up twice already.  I hope it's not something that's going to spread around the house.  He's definitely the child of ours with the weakest stomach, and mine's not that much tougher.  Let's pray it's not a bug!

7) Eamon, our little meatball, has been surprising us so much lately with his skills.  This summer, he has learned to pump a swing (Maggie did too), hula-hoop and now SWIM!  He's only four, but having two big brothers really makes little kids grow up!  He jumps in and swims without floaties all around the pool, but he does get tired out quickly so we have to be nearby to help out when needed.  What a little fish!

He won't need this floaty suit anymore!

How were your weeks?


  1. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    Hey Colleen hang in their kiddo (yes kiddo because I'm twice your age :-D) you'll find away to balance all the kids I know it. If it was GODS plan for you to being this baby into the world then im sure He has a plan for you and your hubby to take care of all of them--- but you must TRUST in that. Plus it sounds like you have great help from family and an awesome school. Just PLEASE remember to call a sitter and go out w Phil as much as possible. With 5 kids those nights alone are priceless! God Bless and good luck-- but I know you'll be just fine.

  2. That picture of Eamon is adorable!!!

  3. I laughed at your marathon comment...yes, you have run one these last 9 months. And you only gained how much are my hero.
    glad the kids are loving their sports, it is great to keep them moving (a good way to burn off that energy)

    I hope your weekend is wonderful....perhaps your next post will share a photo of the new baby??? YES???

  4. Wow! This pregancy has gone quick! Hopefully for you too?

    I love the picture Maggie!

    I wonder if you could go to a photo place, like shutterfly or even to see if they can make the placemat? So cute! I am sure that took a great deal of patience! :)

    Can't wait to hear all about your good news coming soon!

    Prayers for you & family!

  5. Ok so it's been a week? Any baby yet?? We're just starting to figure out that having 4 will be a lot of activity juggling. I'm guessing that you will be in your van a lot :)

    And funny, a girlfriend of mine just had a growth removed from HER lip, and they also thought it was nothing but should be removed. I'd be glad it was gone too :)


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