Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birth Story Haiku's

Jen is asking for some Birth Story Haiku's, and since I'm on a poetic-posting-spree right now, I thought I would join in!

Birth #1 (John-Paul):
Gallstones for eight months
Led to a long induction
Born on my Birthday!

Birth #2 (Andrew):
Matron of Honor
At a huge nine months pregnant
Born nine days later!

Birth #3 (Eamon):
Got epidural
Blood pressure dropped for us both
No drugs from then on.

Birth #4 (Maggie):
Fastest labor yet
Ran every single red light
Born in the tub - whoops!

Birth #5:
Praying it comes soon
Too hot to carry full-term
Still working on name!


  1. How exciting! Not much longer. Prayers for a beautiful birth.

  2. Colleen! Life has been TOO busy for me these days! I can't tell you the last time I've blogged.. but I've been blog-stalking you even still here and there and am anxiously waiting for your bean to arrive!

    Please keep me posted! Thinking of you guys and praying for the most awesome-est of labors ( I know, I know. An 'awesome labor'?? But if they can be awesome for anyone it should be for you!) :-)

    xo Annie

  3. i love them!
    i've been away for a while.. but i truly hope you are doing well!!!

  4. Funny. I might have to do this!


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