Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm thinking...

...of doing something radical this November.  

This thought came to me while I was doing side planks in my Toning class at the gym.  I was telling myself (for the millionth time) that I was going to eat right from now on.  Those planks were super hard to do, and I was envisioning how much easier they would become if I could lose ten pounds for good.  Then I went home and ate leftover pizza and some fun-size twix for lunch. 

Then I realized that it was almost November, and November starts with a "No" and maybe I could use the month to curb some of my addictions by telling myself "No" to a different addiction each week.  

So, my NO-vember Diet will be: 

Week One: NO sugar (my biggest vice).
Week Two: NO snacking after dinner (that's when I tend to consume most of my daily calories).
Week Three: NO "fake" food (nothing artificial or prepackaged).
Week Four: NO salt (I tend to substitute salty snacks when I can't eat sweets). 

I'll try to keep you posted on what helps and what is impossible to live without :)

And I'm sure I'll be counting the days until December....


  1. SO since NOvember starts the day after Halloween, are you starting then, or on Monday?

    good for you!! You can do it!

  2. Ohhh wow good luck! I have the hardest time with sweets, breads, and cheese. Not sure I could give any of them up! ;)

  3. Hi Colleen-I've been doing your "diet" since April 1...but add no meat. What helps me is lots of fruit...especially bananas. I also, when I have carb cravings, eat popcorn as a snack...I make it on the stove or air icky microwave chemicals. Now if I could just do what YOU do...EXERCISE! :)
    (But I feel really really good, it is worth it! All my sugar cravings are gone!)

  4. Good luck sweetie!

  5. Good luck! Cannot wait to hear how it goes! I keep on thinking I may try limiting gluten (breaking my bread addiction!). Maybe NO-vember is the time to do it!


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