Friday, December 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday: The Last One of the Year Edition

1) I can't believe Christmas vacation week is almost over!  At least we have Monday off too, which will make next week fly by. 

2) My sister-in-law, Kelly, started a blog about the loss of her twin girls.  Here is the link.  It's beautiful but heart breaking.

3) Phil and I have started training for a half marathon in March.  We are on week one of our 12 week training program (from Hal Higdon, but tweaked):

Half Marathon Training Schedule:
13 m run  & toning class4 m runRest4 m run3 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
23 m run  & toning classRest5 m runRest3 m pace3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
33 m run  & toning classRest6 m runRest4 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
43 m run  & toning classRest7 m runRest4 m pace3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
53 m run  & toning classRest7 m runRest4 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
63 m run  & toning classRest8 m runRest4m pace3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
73 m run  & toning classRest8 m runRest5 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
83 m run  & toning classRest9 m runRest5 m pace3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
93 m run  & toning classRest9 m runRest5 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
103 m run  & toning classRest10 m runRest5 m pace3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
113 m run  & toning classRest10 m runRest5 m run3 m run  & arms & absKickboxing
123 m run  & toning classRest2 m pace2 m run  & arms & absRestHalf Mar

We will be running it with some co-workers, so they should keep us on our toes during the training process.

4) I will admit I may not end up running in the half marathon, but I will train for it.  I just don't know if my body will be ready to run 13.1 miles when my fifth baby is only 7 months old?!?!?!?  I hope to be ready, but I am giving myself a pass just in case.

5) We are rearranging bedrooms again.  We have 4 boys and one girl to place into two bedrooms.  One is big and one is normal sized.  We have a set of bunk beds, a queen bed, two twins, and a crib that we can use.  I will be drawing up plans this weekend.  How would you divide everyone up?

6) We just watched The Help and Dolphin Tale over break.  Both great movies...the kids really liked the dolphin one.

7) I just ordered more Christmas cards to send out (gulp) late.  I had originally ordered 50, but when you have a family as big as ours, I guess you need 75.  I've never sent Christmas cards out late before....maybe I can get by on the "oh she just had a baby" excuse?

Have a wonderful rest of your Christmas celebrations and Happy New Year! 

I will be posting my version of resolutions soon :)


  1. Your cards are not late! Christmas has 12 are celebrating all of them!

  2. Ahhh, room re-arranging. Get this . . . we have four bedrooms in this house, and only two are being used ;) Would you like to use a couple of ours?? Kam and Taylor both sleep in our room, and Sierra and Makenna sleep downstairs in the bonus bedroom right by ours. Jeremy and I are the only ones sleeping in the "appropriate" room, lol! My dear friend has four children. The oldest is a girl, and the three younger are boys. The two middle boys sleep together in a room, and the older girl, and youngest boy {3} sleep together. They've been doing that since the "baby" was tiny. It may seem like the choice would be to have the three "big boys" together, with Maggie and Mr. Xander as roommates, but I wonder what it might be like to put the baby and John-Paul together, and let the three middles room together for a bit? I'm sure whatever you choose will work out just fine!

  3. Send out those cards anyway! We have friends who never send their cards until after the new year and it is fun to wait for that one last card. :)

    And good luck with dividing up the bedrooms -- I am so bad at that. Since we only have the two boys, they are always together in one room. It's the girls who give me fits. I usually try to pair them up according to the way they sleep -- I have a pretty heavy sleeper in with a light sleeper. That way when the light sleeper wakes up, she doesn't rouse the heavy sleeper. And I'm hoping the heavy sleeper rubs off on the light sleeper, of course.

    Baby is still our roommate. :)

  4. We rearranged rooms about 18 months ago. We have 4 bedrooms, but little living space, so one room is used for an office/school room. We have two bedrooms on the main floor (one is used as office) and two upstairs. Now, my hubby and I are downstairs in a smaller bedroom and all three boys are in the HUGE bedroom upstairs. . . that way their toys and everything are up there too. Although I miss having a bigger bedroom, the house stays cleaner because the toys are not spread out all over the downstairs.

    Good luck with the half training! You can totally do it Colleen! I just would not set any sort of time goal for yourself.

  5. I love getting cards on time or late. Send them!

    Good luck with the training!!!

  6. Good for you on the marathon training!!!!
    I have no clue as to how I would arrange those kiddos in two rooms. Hey, do you have an attic? I just had a Brady Bunch flashback. :)
    Happy new year to you and your family!
    Send out the cards...who cares if you are late? YOU JUST HAD A BABY. Ok, not JUST....but you know...

  7. I feel for your sister-in-law. Twins are precarious enough that smaller hospitals will not deliver them and to be born at that stage, it's almost impossible to save them. I'm the mom of a preemie who had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks and while my son survived, that first week was horrendous. It took me a year to be able to talk about it without crying.

    One resource to mention is Band Back Together ( They have stories on a number of topics as well as lists of resources. I've contributed a few and will be contributing one on HELLP Syndrome (the variant of preeclampsia that necessitated my son's early birth).

  8. nobody cares if the card is late!


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