Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

The Obligatory Waiting-On-the-Stairs Picture:

Stocking Time:

Xander's first present on his first Christmas:

Happy kids:

We took a break from opening gifts for breakfast.  Cinnamon rolls and eggnog were on the menu:

OK, back to the presents:

Great minds think alike!  We bought each other the same gift:

Legos were a huge hit, as usual:

A munchkin toy for our munchkin boy:

Maggie put on this new Cinderella dress and wore it all day!  Here she is posing with Eamon in his new robe.  She just said to him, "Eamon you should say something nice to me.  Say I look beautiful." No wonder my boys think girls are bossy!

The "After" Shot:

We played all morning:

And then went to my sister's house for brunch, followed by another sister's house for playtime, and then my brother's house for dinner.  Fun and crazy!

Like mother, like daughter:

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!


  1. Oh my gosh - I laughed so hard I snorted when I saw that you and Phil picked the same gift for each other!! Are either of you trying to tell the other to get their butt in the kitchen and cook more?!? :) So funny. And I love the matching footie jammies with Maggie. Merry Christmas!!!!!

  2. So darn cute Colleen. You know, if you give the kids REAL eggnog, they go back to sleep quicker. :)
    Just kidding.
    Not really.
    I hope those kids got the trash can kids or trash packs...or whatever that was that they wanted (I've never heard of them)...but I really hope santa did not neglect them.
    LOVE Maggie and her telling her brothers to give her a compliment...she has my heart in her hand.
    You are so cute in your footie PJ's!!
    Merry Christmas, you have had a BIG year!


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